Heljarchen Pool and Hot Bath for Hearthfire by sa547
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Added: 02/06/2013 - 09:20AM
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Last updated at 0:28, 19 Mar 2014 Uploaded at 9:20, 2 Jun 2013

Requires the Hearthfire DLC and Skyrim Update 1.9.

What is it?
This mod aims to provide Heljarchen Hall owners a no-cost, add-on swimming pool and hot bath, somewhat missing when you're a successful warrior or mage who have just built a very large estate.

* Follower-friendly -- with an included navmesh, it means followers can go anywhere around the pool.
* Self-Contained -- except for the navmesh, which has been improved on, and I had to tweak the terrain to build the pool's foundation, the mod is highly separate and does not mess up with Heljarchen's programming.
* Heated Tub and Braziers -- perfect for those who have Frostfall.

* This mod requires the Hearthfire DLC installed.
* Some Hearthfire mods that alter Heljarchen may or may not be compatible with this mod.
* This mod is not compatible with Heljarchen Hall Reform.
* This mod is not compatible with Fort Heljarchen.
* This mod is not compatible with Heljarchen Farm.
* This mod is compatible with vanilla or Tropical Skyrim.
* This mod is compatible with Heljarchen Hall Lights.

For any issues, please leave a message (if it's a glitch, describe it in full) at the comments section or PM me; I'll try to resolve them as much as possible. Also, as this is a beta release (hence the "b" besides the version number) and thus a WIP, meaning to say I'm still conducting compatibility testing and debugging, there will be some possible imperfections or odd bugs, especially in combination with other mods. Anything you see missing or something that doesn't look right, just leave a detailed comment (if English isn't your native language, use Google Translate before posting your comment). Thank you.

* Nexus Mod Manager: After downloading, find the mod and activate it to install.
* Manual: open the 7zip folder, pick which mod to use, then drag and drop the .ESP file into Skyrim's Data folder.

1.) Hard save while inside an interior cell, then exit.
2.) You can then deactivate and uninstall from NMM, or manually delete the mod (the filename is HF_Heljarchen_Pool.esp).

Upgrade (if it happens):
1.) Almost the same as uninstallation, but overwrite the .ESP file. Hard save while inside an interior cell, then exit.
2a.) In NMM, activate the new version and it'll ask you to overwrite; select Yes.
2b.) For manual upgrading, open the 7zip file, click and drag over the .esp files to the data folder and overwrite the old .esp.

heatedsun -- Legit Skyrim Vanilla 99-Percent Completed Gamesave (for testing)
MrTroubleMaker -- Bikini Trouble UNP/UNPB
soolie -- Tropical Skyrim (environment)
Bronze316 -- True Vision ENB

Any planned changes to this mod will require my express permission, but redistribution or uploading of this mod to sites other than Nexus and without my authorization is prohibited.