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I made this for me but decided to upload it. It is based on the Wood elf. Tree Elf Race and Lightning Elf Race. Have the same skills and such but I added the Storm and Frost Atronachs Frost and lightning effects to the Lightning Elf Race. I had made just the Tree Elf Race at first but found it had frost and lighning effect distracting and just made a duplicate, renamed it Light Elf Race, and removed the effects from the tree elf. I raised the starting skills and added another in the creation kit. There is an extra skill slot.

Skills are as follows.

Archery 10
Heavy Armor 15
Destruction 15
Alteration 15
One Handed 10
Enchanting 10
Restoration 15

kept the power command animal
resist poison 50
Draugr Glow Eyes
Resist Damage 15
Fortified Combat Healing 0.50
Resist Frost 25
Weakness to Fire 10

light Elf got Frost effect and lightning effect

Khajiit Claws

Made a race based spell.
Woodsmans Cloak
It combines Frost Cloak and Oakflesh. Didn;t want to alter the original spells so just made duplicates and renamed them. Cold Cloak and WArmor Oak. Starting magnitude of WOak flesh 20 instead of 40 and upped the first mage armor perk bonus to 60. I done this so i could use it at the beginning of the game.
has no requirments

version 2.1

Added companion with her own custom race based on Orc to Whiterun Stables.
Added dog with custom race based on dog race. War Hound larger than the normal dog.
Added horse. Was supposed to be a pony. Uploaded an option file with an actual pony. Both based on the horse but smaller. Trying figure out how to get them to follow you into buildings, cities and dungeons. I want one that will always fight alongside you all the time.
Requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn

Please leave some ideas on how to fix these things. I don't know much about the creation kit but I have been messing with mods for a long time. Since Quake 2 and wanted to share one of those for once.