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--Long Time Coming!--
For starters I'm NOT the author of this mod, but I've been using it for some time now, and the author has given me the "go-ahead" to post it up here! (Felt guilty being the only person using this; almost hoarding this for months.) I've tried other 'make npc's your follower' mods, but none of them worked for me like this one has. I kind of had to twist the author's virtual arm to get permission to put this up here.

--What Does This Mod Do?--
Through an .esp and simple bat console commands, it allows you to make literally almost anyone you meet, (essential or non-essential), your follower and or marriagable. It still behaves as the vanilla game intended, a one-time "deal". You choose someone, agree to be married, talk to the priest at the Temple of Mara to arrange the date, wait till dawn the next day, get hitched.
Please Note: If using console commands breaks immersion for you, this mod probably isn't for you.

--How Does This Mod Differ From Other "Make Everyone Your Follower" Mods?--
More people actually make use of their spoken dialogue and respond to you! Not just your basic text lines while they stand there with a blank look on their faces. I don't know the exact reasons why, but whatever the author has put into the .esp file it works with the .txt commands to actually put a LOT of spoken dialogue back in--where it would normally be missing from forcing a vanilla-non-follower npc to follow you, or consider you for marriage.

--What This Mod DOESN'T Do--
The mod by itself does NOT allow for multiple marriages.

None, should work with ANY version of Skyrim, Does not require any specific DLC, but definitely works with all DLCs, as I use them all.

--Recommended Mods That Work Well With This--
I Yield I Yield by MrPieMan-Works well with this mod(still have to use our bat files on npcs you want as your follower):
Amazing Follower Tweaks by Dheuster-Does work with this and is HIGHLY recommended:
Multiple Marriages-Spouse Dress Up-Rehousing-And More by Dudestia-Recommended w/this mod.
Convenient Horses by Alek:

--How To Install The Mod--
Download the main file.
Extract anyonefollows2.esp into your /Skyrim/Data folder.
Extract divorce.txt, setfriend.txt, setmarry.txt files into just your Skyrim/ folder.
Activate in your data files, and place this BELOW any other follower mods that you may have active, including any additional non-vanilla mod npc followers.
NMM MAY put everything into your /Skyrim/Data folder, you will have to manually find the three .txt files "divorce.txt" "setfriend.txt" and "setmarry.txt" and move them OUT of the data folder and into just your /program files(x86)/Skyrim/ folder. <--(This should be resolved with the latest version.)
This DOES matter:
This should be AFTER all your other follower mods in your data load order. I recently did a reinstall of my entire game and found this to be the case, as I was not able to make most of the random vanilla npc's that I encountered, follow me.

--How To Use This Mod In-Game--
This is the list of in-game Console Commands (with the selected npc targeted in console):
bat setfriend, bat setmarry, or bat divorce
After you use bat setfriend, the commands "Follow me, I need your help." and probably, "Interested in me, are you?"(Provided you are wearing Mara's Amulet) all should come up as options.
(Make sure you exit out of any active or current dialogue and allow the commands to be added. Also, depending on who you are befriending, you may have to re-sheath your weapon to make them stop attacking, if they were once your enemy.)
For Divorce, same deal, target the married npc in console, use 'bat divorce' command, wait 24hours and you should then be able to remarry someone else.
To ensure a "stable marriage" where you aren't considered a thief in someone's home, it is highly recommended to use a default player home like Breezehome, or one of the millions of player home mods.
Bear in mind when choosing the home you will live in after the service, depending on who you marrying. ie: If you marry a Jarl of say.. Dawnstar, where that npc normally resides will be his/her home, and most likely--because that is not considered a "player home", belongings and items will NOT change in ownership, (without you manually setting ownership, via console commands.)
add the following line to the bottom of the other commands in your setfriend.txt and setmarry.txt
" set playerfollowercount to 0 " (withOUT the quotes)

--Tips For Marrying Aggressive or "Angry" NPC's--
Recently I came across an issue where a Forsworn Ravager I had proposed to, went on a killing spree at the Temple of Mara when it was time for us to be wed. Upon entering the temple, the dialogue came up "here is the blushing bride now..." and I was frozen, while my husband-to-be proceeded to slaughter everyone attending our wedding...
Here is my solution/workaround:
1. Use Amazing Follower Tweaks mod--as listed below in the compatible mod section.
2. Keep your aggressive follower/husband or bride-to-be AS a follower.
3. In Amazing Follower Tweaks, use the command: Tweak Options>Settings>"Followers Never Initiate Combat".
4. Enter Temple, proceed with wedding as usual.
5. In towns with your aggressive husband or wife, THIS WILL MOST LIKELY HAPPEN... If you part ways, they will begin attacking anyone they see. This is basically unavoidable, my recommendation is to just keep them as your follower until you are back in your home with them, and they should behave normally.

--Beta Testing--
It should be noted, this mod has been tested by myself and by the mod author for months now, and I have about 120+(edit: 180+) other mods installed--I personally, PURPOSELY try to break my game every chance I get. So I'd like to say that I've given this mod a pretty good run before putting this up here.

--Known Conflicts/Issues/Bugs--
VOICES--gonna be right up front with you, the author is continuing to work with this mod, but for now here's the issue: There are still some npc's (mainly males)that will NOT have spoken dialogue for some commands. It may at times reduce or eliminate some spoken dialogue of people that are vanilla followers. To be honest a lot of the usual npc followers are far too chatty when I'm trying to be stealthy in a dungeon or cave anyways, so this doesn't bother me in the least. My personal experience I would say about 90% of the npc's that I take on, still HAVE most--if not ALL spoken dialogue.
CLOTHING--I haven't personally had this issue but the author has warned me that sometimes after you make someone a follower the chosen npc may lose their clothes, or unequip them. (Again, this wouldn't bother me too much, even if it did happen I have spare armor on me for days..)
ESSENTIAL NPC WARNING--If you DO decide to make an Essential npc your follower/marriagable, depending on where you are in the war storyline or any other storyline for that matter, there may be some issues. (I personally have not had any issues with this yet.) Just be for-warned and use your best judgement there. (At the very least you can reload a save, send <Name of NPC> back to their city, and proceed with the quests.)
RANDOM GENERATED NPCS--If you're anything like me, and happen to come across a lady or gentleman caller out in the field, you may want to marry them. Feel free to do so, just be warned, if you are not using Multiple Marriages-Spouse Dress Up-Rehousing-And More by Dudestia there is a very good chance after they have moved into your home that they will run off, disappear, or change into someone or someTHING else...
I have firsthand experience with this, let me tell you.. and it is not uncommon to marry a forsworn ravager and weeks later, find a Hilltroll Goblin from the Monster Mod, in your master bedroom. This happened to me on The Asteria, ended up having to "clean house" and dump the bodies overboard. XD
The only real guarantee that they will stay around, and not change into someone else, is to have them permanently follow you.
Another thing I've noticed, if I befriend/marry a bandit, and later on while questing: come across another bandit who looks exactly like the one I married, they end up being "essential" and are unable to be killed. The only thing that resolves this is to target the un-killable npc in console (verify it's the correct target please... with showinventory, and check the name--don't delete land or something you didn't want to delete.) and markfordelete them.
Sorry there is no other real solutions that I know of for these issues because this is just how the game functions, that's the risk you take when marrying a random generated npc!
Saftey Tip:
<<<<< SAVE OFTEN! >>>>>
You can always rollback to before you made the changes to the npc's.

Here's the list of npcs that will NOT befriend and/or marry:
Brynjolf--(workaround for this, use Friendly Brynjolf by Ilhe:
Ulfric Stormcloak
General Tullius
Vignar Gray-Mane
Viola Giordano
Giants (sorry no dialogues available, even Grok won't talk to me ;_;)
Dragons (or at least most Dragons.. yet)
Most vanilla wildlife, wolves, foxes, deer, elk, rabbits, etc (sorry to disappoint, if you're into that)
<<UPDATE: Paarthurnax WILL be your follower, but you cannot marry him :( And a full-sized dragon follower is a little buggy at the moment, will look into dragon follower mods!>>

--How To Uninstall--
Delete all the files that were included in the original .7zip from within your Skyrim folder and your /Skyrim/data folder. Be warned of unstable saves if you had any NPC's turned into followers who are normally NOT followers, and they most likely will disappear. Rollback to an earlier save if possible.

--Support This Mod--
I AM in constant contact with the mod author, any issues you may have I can and WILL pass along to the author. The author is continuing to work on this mod to make it better, and resolve any other problems that may arise.

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SUBMIT YOUR PICS and ENDORSE if you like and continue to use this! We would love to see who you've made as your followers, a favorite npc or just a random bandit! Enjoy!

Thanks to:
Bethesda for all TES games, and for letting us do pretty much anything and everything to them!
Dudestia for such an amazing marriage mod that compliments this so well.
Dheuster for letting us do SO much more with our followers, AFT goes in every install of my game, (regardless of how many times I reinstall!) XD