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MidD & Beyond WIP
By Chaz916

No DLC Required, Please Endorse, Favorite, Pass the word
This mod centers on MidD and the sudden changes occuring there. The most startling change of course is the new Doors, an event that hasn't happened in a century.. Doors connecting MidD to new places/new worlds. This Mod will add new worlds spaces, books, npcs, quest, and dungeons. This is a Work in progress; Currently there are no quest or dungeons. The world spaces are built but still being developed. There are 2 towns, shops, merchants, animal followers, and more.. Comments are welcome, No bug reports at this time please a WIP .. I will be updating and dev this mod until Tes6 comes out. Look Around alot..TY again.

Start: Go to the nearest city, main quest starts via Courier or Find the door in the rocks, near the ritual stone. Or COC 0tween.

World Spaces

MidD- An inhabited region of that which exist between the planes and realm of Oblivion.
Sanctuary- Spiritual Abode Kinda
Aldmara-An Island in the Ald Archipelago.
Sargos- A chunk of ocean floor that has surfaced, historically known for many ship disasters.
Grinstead Hold- A nordic hold.
Grinstead- Capital of Grinstead Hold.
Ull- A forest region.
Folkvang- Capital of Ull.


Ten Commands Nine Divines
Aurbis Discourse(excert from The Monomyth)
Text of Dyr - Animistic Text
The Lore of Tween- Text about Tweens
God IS a Spider - Animistic Text

Other Additions

6 Beast(Dyr) Blessings
4 Animal Followers- Jalli(bear), Fasti(wolf), Frith(sabrecat), Ualtar(Spider)

Latest Update v188
Grinstead Hold Update 2
Dwemer Ruin, Hunters Settlement(ext only); Lots of Landscaping cluttered, nav'd


Sanctuary Stone only teleports 1 follower,
if you have followers have them wait Outside


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