THE CRUSHER - a hammer mod by Gthaatar
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A Mod by G'thaatar
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AS always, my screenshots are worthless. Please feel free to share your own! :D

Wield the hammer of a dead god and bring forth a furious storm against your foes with the Crusher of myth...MJOLNIR!

Unlike the other Mjolnirs on the Nexus (including the one I used to have uploaded here) this one is designed to resemble a more traditional incarnation of the hammer, rather than to resemble the Marvel Comics version. While not strictly traditional, as a purely traditional Mjolnir would basically be an enchanted smiths hammer, I still consider this far closer to myth as I based my design on the ancient Mjolnir pendants of the viking age. The influence can be seen in the slightly triangular shaped hammer head and the tapering handle.

In order to find this hammer in the world of Nirn, one must understand these words:

Above twin towers,
under winded stone,
stuck in Gulden rock,
there lay this thing
that fell from the sky,
and shook the world

As of now, the hammer carries rather heftily sized 4k textures. This is what I'm going to leave it at for now. Sometime later I'll release some lower resolution versions

Stats wise, the craftable version is comparable to a daedric mace. The enchanted version on the other hand, is considerably more powerful, being a gods weapon and all.

Presumably Nexus Mod Manager shouldn't have any issues installing this.

However, presuming the worst and/or the preference of manual installation, to install:

1. Download Mod
2. Extract Data folder in .rar to your Skyrim Directory
3. Check the mod in your favorite mod manager or with the Skyrim Launcher
4. Play!

A HUGE and MASSIVE thanks to ttl269 from the niftools forum for helping get the model working in-game. Without him, this mod would likely never have saw the light of day. If you should ever run across him in your internet travels, please, send him thanks!

Great thanks to those on the NexusForums as well who also helped bring this mod to light with their advice.