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What do?
This mod adds a new long term difficulty to Skyrim by making healing more difficult. Find potions, buy potions, create potions, or invest into restoration, because daddy's been drinking and he just took off his belt.

How do?
Restore health potions now heal a little bit over 30 seconds
Restore health potions are more expensive
Healing spells are much weaker and/or more expensive
Fast Heal and Grand Healing will stunt your Magicka for 20 seconds after casting
Healing scrolls heal for less
Healing ingredients heal for less (as well as crafted potions)
Fortify Health Regen potions are stronger and last longer (aka: finally useful)
Player health regeneration lowered (regenerate about 20% health an hour)

Why do?
There are plenty of mods that do a really good job at giving Skyrim a better short term difficulty, but nothing really that gives it a long term difficulty.

I always thought it was strange how a player with no skill in restoration and no perks invested into restoration can heal JUST FINE with the basic healing spell. I've aimed to fix this.

That's where "Healing Is For Babies" comes in. This mod makes healing much more difficult to achieve.
Restoring your health is no longer an entitlement, but it's a privilege.

Healing is a requirement for long term gameplay, this strengthens weaker aspects of the game, for example:
Investing in speechcraft will grant you a better deal on those expensive health potions
Alchemy will allow you to craft your very own health potions
Restoration will allow you to heal up faster

What else do?
Stuff that a lot of people probably don't want! (but maybe some will appreciate)
Altered fortify potions to last longer (because a potion that gives you 10 single handed for 1 minute is just terrible), Almost all fortify potions now last 10 minutes.
Fortify Health/Magicka/Stamina potions are stronger
Health/Magicka/Stamina poisons don't stack and are duration based instead of instant
Some restoration perks (such as Novice Restoration) also increase the power of healing spells (I haven't changed to perk tree, so it should be compatible with mods that alter perks)

I've made this mod purely for my own enjoyment, I absolutely adore old fashioned RPG difficulty where it wasn't who hit who first and 1 shot kills, but rather it was about preparing, making sure you had enough potions, and making a class that could hold his own in his own way.
This mod is just a step toward making skyrim a truely classic style rpg with classic difficulty.

I recommend lowering the difficulty with this mod installed. It may not seem like much at first, but when you're balls deep in a dungeon at 20% HP squeezing out what little health you can extract from your shitty healing spell because you got in a fight with an enemy who landed a single blow on you, but of course you didn't bring potions, don't use alchemy, and haven't invested a single lick of attention to restoration, you may then understand what kind of difficulty this mod creates. You should be allowed to get his a few times...

...remember; it's not about how difficult a single fight is, it's how difficult surviving the entire quest is.

How to install:
Install the mod

How to uninstall:
Uninstall the mod

You're welcome.

Oh, if you uninstall the mod (may god strike you down where you stand) be sure to open the console with ` and type in "player.forceav healrate 0.7" without the quotes, this will give you back your health regen, you big pussy cat

Also: If the mod is too hard: LOWER THE DIFFICULTY

Requires: Hearthfire, Dragonborn, and Dawnguard

v1.0: Release
v1.1: Added more poisons and fortify potions, reduced the amount of health potions you find in chests
v1.2: Added remaining missing potions and fixed some descriptions