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Last updated at 14:17, 22 May 2013 Uploaded at 1:21, 18 May 2013

This mod is now an integral part of the main MinimalHUD mod and is therefore OBSOLETE.
See uninstall instructions below!

For those who don’t know, MinimalHUD is a great (and pretty underrated) mod that lets you create a custom HUD layout by resizing and repositioning the basic HUD elements. It is one of my favorite mods, though it has one downside: It only saves your layout
in the savegame file, which means that you have to readjust the HUD everytime you start a new game.

MininmalHUD LayoutManager changes that.

How does it work?
MininmalHUD LayoutManager is easy to use. It adds a submenu called "Layout Manager" to the MinimalHUD MCM. Once you have set up your HUD in MinimalHUD, go to the "Layout Manager" page and click “Save Layout”. When starting a new game go to the menu again and select “Load Layout” and you’re done.

You need the original MinimalHUD 0.5, SKSE and SkyUI installed. Extract the archive into your Skyrim/Data folder.

delete the following file: Skyrim/Data/scripts/minHUDconfig.pex

Thanks to LordConti for his support and insight into his mod.