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Name: Revised Horses
Version: v.0.92
Made by: alexanid

!!! To make it work it is necessary to install ScriptDragon from Alexander Blade. !!!
The latest version can be found here:

Thanks to wirkoenntenaber for German translation!

Thanks to EvaNeuH for French translation!

Thanks to Pablosky64 for Spanish translation!

Thanks to pinoangel for Polish translation!

If you want to see this mod in your native language, please provide translations for these phrases:
"Missing .ini-file." =
"Realistic mode. Control key is ..." =
"Simplified mode. Control key is ..." =
"You've got no horse" =
"Your horse is dead" =
"Inventory gets empty if horse is resurrected" =
"You've got new horse" =
"Your horse will follow you" =
"Your horse will stay right there" =
"Your horse is too far to hear your call" =
"Your horse fell behind" =

1. Description

This mod is my attempt to make using horses in Skyrim more interesting and natural. It will allow you to:
1. Give to a horse "Stand" and "Follow me" commands (including the horse starts to run if it is far from player)
2. Load your horse up with loot (it is similar to an exchange with the companion)
3. Treat your favourite horse with something tasty :) The full and happy horse gallops more quickly, has longer sprint and can carry more cargo, while hungry - on the contrary.

2. Functions

Revised Horses has such commands:

1. (Being on a distance from a horse):
- Press and hold the 'V' button, (around 2 sec) to command horse to follow you or to stay where it is.

2. (Being close or on a horse):
- Press and hold the 'V' button, to open it's inventory. You can now exchange things with it.
- Press the 'V' button shortly to look what tasty you can give to it. Actually you can give it cabbage, carrot and apples. (And the main thing is not quantity - two carrots on half-day will be enough, to make your horse rush like a wind. The main thing - is attention! :)

3. Installing

- Copy RevisedHorses.asi and RevisedHorses.ini into your ..\Skyrim folder, where the TESV.exe file is, NOT into "Data" folder.
- Copy Data\RevisedHorsesFeeding.esp in your \Skyrim\Data folder.

If all is made right, after loading the game you will see something like this at the top of the screen:

[Revised Horses]: Realistic mode. Control key is 'V'.

4. Uninstalling

Remove RevisedHorses.asi and RevisedHorses.ini from ..\Skyrim,
RevisedHorsesFeeding.esp from ..\Skyrim\Data.

5. Options

If you don't want to feed horse - simply remove "RevisedHorsesFeeding.esp" from ..\Skyrim\Data folder; in that case short pressing on 'V' will cause inventory to open.

You can change the 'V' button for any other, by changing value of parameter "key" in the .ini file.
To disable emerging messages, change
ShowCommonNotes=0x0 -- It will disable the majority of emerging messages.
ShowCriricalNotes=0x0 -- It will disable important messages and the message on plugin loading.

6. Bugs and features

IT IS A BETA so bugs, errors and different strangenesses can come across.
As they are detected the version will be updated.

At the first loading, any horse is "hungry", consider providing some food.

Remember that at the moment when the horse runs, it is almost uncontrollable, so if you leave it on the brink of a precipice and will order to run to yourself, it, most likely, will fall down. And to places with difficult geometry (forts, rocks, ladders) it will possibly not get.

If the horse constantly follows you it can almost always get to your location by following your traces.

If you walk too far or suddenly lose a horse, it possibly will not find you. You'll see the corresponding message. You can either return back, or wait an hour by hitting the 'T' button.

If feed horse being astride it - press the sprint button to update its speed.

The plug-in works only with non-stolen horses - stolen will try to return on their place.


Do not put things important for you into horse's inventory; in rare cases it might be lost.

7. Compatibility

This mod it is partially compatible with "Cowardly Horses" by jpro6. If the player is attacked, the horse will flee. If the horse is attacked, it can either escape, or start fighting.
This mod can work incorrectly with other mods that affect horses' speed and stamina, but in most cases it should be ok.

8. Thanks
Bethesda Softworks for Skyrim and inspiration
Alexander Blade for creating ScriptDragon
Timeslip for creating FOMM
The guy named "n00854180t" for the idea of his "Horse Whistle" mod
To you for having read Readme down to the end