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Hey everyone. I'm setting the version to HIATUS right now because I'm my final semester of High School and am working on a separate project for personal use ATM. I will try to get out one more conversion for CNHF 2.5 soon but until then, consider this as vapour-dating (Half-dead, half-alive updates).

HEY! You can sometimes find me streaming at my livestream! Like right now! (5/26/2013)

The next armor to be converted will be Dawnguard! I was going to do Ancient Falmer but I can't exactly remember if SouTear was going to do them instead. So until this is cleared up, Dawnguard will be going.

Since the next set of armor to be converted will be Bandit, I will take longer than usual to post the next update for a bit considering the amount of different bandit armors (basically 3-5 days of work for an estimation). If Calyps, SouTear (Tear), or Empoisoned (Toxiphobia) convert something and allow me to upload their next sets of armor within this time period, I will but for now, don't expect to much.

Toxiphobia and Calyps have kindly given me permission to upload some of their conversions to this page! Therefore, I feel required to tag all future conversions with the name of the converter. The file just added is from Calyps, DragonScale(Calyps). Enjoy!

I will NOT take fetish requests (aka skimpy armor conversions or 'big boobed/breasted beauties'), so I implore you, please don't ask.

Thank you to svammelie for uploading some images!

After being taught how to do conversions for CNHF, Calyps Suggested I make a new mod for releasing armor conversions. I have so far made four conversions; Heavy Stalhrim, Cultist, Glass, and Prisoner.

The current plan is of whoever finishes a conversion first will release it, though that may change later on.

NOTE: Cultist seemed to have a problem with the paths to the nif. I just fixed it, hopefully nobody was too greatly affected.

---Required mods---
CNHF here

---Recommended Accompanying mods---

---DLC dependencies---
Some armors will require a DLC to work(As these are only mesh replacers). If so, it will be stated in the file description as to which DLC is required.

Recommended installation is with NMM.

1. Download and installl
2. Say yes if it asks to overwrite anything(Unless that file is REALLY important, but then this may not work with the weight slider...)
3. Have a party!

1. Download the file
2. Extract it to your skyrim data folder
3. Say yes if it asks you to merge folders and overwrite files (Again, if it's overwriting a really important file to you; you may want to rethink your priorities. Do you want that mod, or this?)
4. Have a party!

1. Uninstall (It's that easy!)

1. navigate to where you extracted the files and remove them (Only the Nifs and/or esps! don't delete the folders!)
2. There you go!

Calyps Smexus - For teaching me how to use blender, convert armors, and being supportive.
Toxiphobia - For his great screenarchery!
The team at Calyps' livestream.

--Check these guys out!--
Calyps' Tumblr Here
My Tumblr Here
Toxiphobia's Tumblr (warning, go here at your own risk. Great screenarcher, interesting(sometimes nsfw) content) Here
Calyps' Livestream Here