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This is a texture replacer, so it will replace your current textures once installed.


Ah, the good ol' bathrobes. Given the Blue Mage Robes revamp got way more interest than I predicted, I decided to release my last piece of work: The Necromancer Robes.

I hated how, in the Vanilla game, apparently any mage smart enough to paint a skull on his robes becomes a necromancer.
Necromancers are actually powerful warlocks that can control the forces of life and death. Such skill requires a wide knowledge of magic, as well as a great knowledge of the human (and monter's) anatomy, so let's give them something a bit cooler to wear than a black tunic with a green skull. (I mean, seriously? A GREEN skull?)


-Higher saturation.
-Different, cooler sleeves with white trim on the border.
-Chain belt, instead of the clasic rope-like one.
-Different skull decoration, it's now a dragon (from the 90's game AoW) clinging to a skull.
-More detailed cloth pattern.
-Higher contrast, worn-like feeling.
-No blood stains.
-Gold-Brownish trim on the borders.
-Necromancer Amulet haging from the back of the robes (Only visual effect, no mesh changed)
-More detailed wrinkles and folds (Again, it's only a visual effect)


1. Unzip the archive through Winzip or WinRar.
2. Copy and paste the content in your Skyrim directory.
3. Enjoy.