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Millwater Retreat is a very customisable player home located up stream from Riverwood. However, Millwater is so much more than just a player home as you can even invest in your own businesses by constructing a fully working Mill and hiring staff. Since update 2.0 the mod works very similar to Herthfire in the fact that you can build the home up from a damaged state. Using the workbench you will be able to craft everything you need to make your home suite the needs of your character. The thing which makes this mod different is that you can change many of the home's looks from the rugs to the walls and furniture. A new character without much gold and resources can still build a liveable home and then upgrade it later on when they become more wealthy. Further details will be available on my website with a written guide.


Requirements & Compatibility

First of all, this mod does not require any DLC to run, however there is now a Hearthfire version available for those who wish to have much more immersive experience and take advantage of the crafting menus and materials of Hearthfire.

I will no longer be taking any conflicts with other mods into consideration as I class this mod as pretty much complete with the exception of a few bug fixes or additions to existing features. If you have a conflict with another mod alongside Millwater Retreat, you will have to live with it or pick one mod out of the two the keep.

The only weather mod which this mod is compatible with is Climates of Tamriel. Any other weather mods will cause the rain to come through the ceiling of the boat house, tower and mill house.


First thing is first; As much as I would love to add more to Millwater Retreat, I am not going to be able to, as the mod is already a heavy load on peoples machines. My own machine can at times have trouble loading everything without lag, and I am running on a fairly old GPU myself.

Those with low end PCs may experience CTD, especially when heading into and out of Riverwood and surrounding areas. The CTD can most notably occur around the standing stones nearby. Those with high end machines don't usually experience much lag, if at all. I would like to keep things that way.

For those experiencing a heavy amount of lag and FPS drop, please check out the CTD and Memory patch ENBoost by BorisVorontsov . This patch has proved to help a great many in running Skyrim much smoother and it has helped me a great deal.

This mod will also look far better using the Realistic Lighting Overhall mod by Sydney666 and it is also compatible with a favourite mod of mine, Frostfall. The fireplace will allow the player to heat their hands up when using the Frostfall mod and if you have no mod conflicts with weather mods, the rain should not go through the ceiling of your home, helping with the Frostfall immersion.


To install Millwater Retreat 2.1 you will need to download the main file first. Once you have installed the main file either manually or by using a mod manager like NMM or WyreBash, you will need to then install any other version that you want. If you are using a COT or Hearthfire version of the mod you will need to make sure you only have one esp activate at any given time. If you installed manually, then just delete the standard esp "DF127MillwaterRetreat" and make sure you have activated the new esp which will have COT, HF or both on the end. If you have installed the mod using a mod manager then simply deactivate the old esp and then activate the new one. You should now be good to go and enjoy the mod.

Install Video Coming Soon

Highlighting Features

- Restore the building from rubble
- Fully customizable home
- Full outdoors player home
- Perfect for new characters and existing
- Your own purchasable forge
- Your own travel boat
- Plenty of storage including a mannequin
- Buy new items for your home
- Custom Banners
- Invest in your own Mill
- New Follower
- New merchant

How to find Millwater Retreat...

You can find Millwater Retreat up stream from Riverwood. You will also notice that a tree map marker appears on your map to guide you but you will be unable to fast travel there straight away.

Areas modified with this mod

- There have been markers and boats placed at each of the available travel locations on the travel boat but I have tried to place them away from any major spots which would be edited by other popular mods. I have also changed the location of the Widhelm boat since update 2.0 to prevent a conflict with any DLC.

The few cells the boat house is built on and some of its surroundings are also edited of course.

Manual Installation

To install the mod without the Nexus Mod Manager, download the file and use some archive software like WinRAR or 7zip. Next you will need to unzip the folder and follow the folder structure though until you get the Data folder. Drag and drop the Data folder into your Skyrim directory and let the process overwrite any files or folders it wants. Now make sure the mod's esp is ticked in your load order through the launcher you use for Skyrim, and you're good to go. If you have NMM, it is recommended you use it to install the mod rather than doing it manually.

Bug Reports
If you wish to send me a long detailed bug report or anything like a full TESEDIT error log, then please be sure not to post it in the comments as you will clutter the page with content others do not wish to see. Send the bug report via PM on the Nexus forums or use my websites contact form. Only I need read bug reports so I can fix the issues. Thank You.

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Creative Input

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Anyone who wants to create a different version of this mod and wants to upload it will need to contact me first. I am open to people doing translations and maybe other modifications but you must get in touch with me first and allow me to check out your work. Added 03/09/13, however these permissions have also been stated under the permissions tab at the top of the page since the mod's release. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.