Sabre Cat Gear Mod Pack Rebalanced by 3aG13
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Added: 10/05/2013 - 08:24AM
Updated: 28/05/2013 - 06:57AM

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Last updated at 6:57, 28 May 2013 Uploaded at 8:24, 10 May 2013

Hello guys, this is one of my favorite armor sets on Skyrim Nexus, but i've always felt that the pack is pretty unbalanced. This fits in great to the world of Skyrim, tried to stay as close to vanilla values as possible. Changed the "heavy armor" variant to "light armor", because the "Stormcloak Officer Gear" in the original game uses the same meshes. This "esp" only contains the light "Sabre Shield", the 3 armor set variations, and only the "Mane Hood" headgear variants, because the others were out of place in my option. Stats are between "Elven" and "Glass" armors. You will need the "Advanced Armors" smithing perk to craft it! If the original authors have problem with the "esp" file, i'll remove the upload, just wanted to share this with the community.

How to install :
First, you need to grab the original mod pack here:
Install the original mod pack first trough NMM, then activate this and overwrite the "esp" file.
Changelog :
1.0 Initial Release - Changed the "heavy" variant to "light"
- Changed the footstep sounds from "heavy" to "light"
- Changed the stats, weights, values to be more balanced
- Changed the name of the armors, to match "Sabre Hunter", "Sabre Shadow" and "Sabre Snow"
- Enabled missing "weight sliders"
- You can craft the armor under "Hide" category, and the "Sabre Shield" under "Steel" section.
- You can upgrade the armor with a single "Leather"

1.1 Update - Fixed the missing textures data, "weight sliders" are perfectly working
- You can't wear "Cloaks" with the main armor anymore (It's only important if you use any mods like "WIC" or "CoS") Added an optional file, with working "Cloaks"
- You can't wear "Circlets" with the hoods anymore, just like as in vanilla game
Stats are the following :
Value: 190
Weight: 2
Armor Rating: 15

Value: 550
Weight: 10
Armor Rating: 35

Value: 150
Weight: 2.5
Armor Rating: 10

Value: 150
Weight: 2.5
Armor Rating: 10

Value: 270
Weight: 8
Armor Rating: 21