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The Real Way to Shout - Shout like a true Dragonborn

This Mod aims to change the shouts in Skyrim to actually be useful but not game breaking.
I play on master / legendary difficulty and adjusted the shouts for exactly those 2 difficulties.
While it might be slightly too powerful for people, who play on master, it should fit for legendary.

I modified all shouts, so you require Dawnguard AND Dragonborn!!!
If there are enough requests for other versions or edited mechanics, i might as well create additional files.

The best thing: I found out, why Draugr were able to shout you to pieces with other mods and totally fixed that in my version. Draugrs now use different versions of shouts than the player and no longer have that tedious Disarm shout.

I hated how i had to look for my weapon when i failed to sheath it in time.

A full list of all changes was added to the ReadMe section, i will list a few here:


    [1] Deals 175 damage at a 20s cooldown
    [2] Deals 375 damage at a 25s cooldown
    [3] Deals 600 damage at a 30s cooldown


    [1] affects enemies up to level 20, lasts 60s and has 15s cd
    [2] affects enemies up to level 40, lasts 90s and has 22s cd
    [3] affects enemies up to level 80, lasts 120s and has cd 30s

This is a preset for similar shouts, with the exception that the other shouts only affect enemies up to level 65. Similar shouts are Disarm, Animal allegiance, Kyne's Peace etc.

[Drain Vitality]

    [1] Absorbs 10 Stamina/s for 15 seconds at 15s cooldown <=> vanilla: 5 stamina/s over 30s
    [2] Absorbs 10 Stamina + Magica/s for 15 seconds at 20s cooldown <=> vanilla: 5 sta + mag/s for 30s
    [3] Absorbs 20hp/s + 10 sta + mag/s for 30s, 25s cooldown

    [Fire Breath]
    [1] 15s cd, 190 damage
    [2] 20s cd, 450 damage
    [3] 25s cd, 750 damage with afterburn - 35/s for 7s

It also includes a little bit of fun, especially the unrelenting force shout.

Despite all these changes i didn't touch the Dragon Aspect shout.
I simply increased the duration for all 3 words to 10 minutes.
For me, there is no real way to balance that shout with cool downs.

This mod tries to make shouts more useful, to allow you to use them in quick succession,
swapping the Dragon Aspect to a normal shout would require a cool down of 5-10 minutes,
which would negate all the other changes i made.

If you find anything that doesn't work the way it should, please contact me, i will look into it.

Also, if the Unrelenting Force shout is too powerful for you, i will upload a 2nd file which lowers the effect.

This mod obviously won't be compatible with any mod that changes shouts.
in case you want a mod that allows you to use the Elemental Fury shout on enchanted weapons, load it after mine.

It should be fully compatible with everything else, i cleaned it with TES5Edit and only touched the shouts, nothing more, nothing less.

Changes in Detail
Version 1.1a
Uploaded an optional version as requested
Kyne's Peace now heals the player and friendly followers around him (area of 25), in addition to default behaviour.
-1st word 45 health
-2nd word 60 health
-3rd word 100 health

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