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Note or Not to Note: First thing first, you have to DISABLE THE IN-GAME BORDERS (this is a Must Do) in order to get inside the Bastion. I have placed most of my work outside the realm of Skyrim. So, in order to do that, you can either go into your "Documents > My Games > Skyrim > Skyrim.ini" and add: bBorderRegionsEnabled=0 in the General section, or you could just Manually Download the optional file and add it at the specified path. Remember to backup your original in case something goes atomically wrong and your PC explodes.

Also some sounds and images have been collected from freeware websites, they are not my own nor do I try to make a profit out of them. They have been added only for aesthetic purposes.

Bastion features a mod that gives more to the player than just a dull home with utilities. As I have plundered the Nexus for interesting ideas, I have not found one mod that features Easter Eggs (humor scenes and elements within the game). For this I give you a simple lore-friendly mod, with no quest but only clues that you have to follow in order to find the Easter Eggs. Can you spot them all!?

This mod requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs. Also make sure you have SKSE installed for best performance. I would not recommend you to fight any NPCs if you are low level, they are set to be a challenge in a non-fair combat, so better get level 81 and then give them a go.

Also I have tried not to make it to complicated or tiresome in order to progress through the map faster. Clues are in written form but there are some in plain sight to interact with. Keep in mind that your objectives are not far from the clues, so you just have to search the vicinity and not the whole Skyrim. I know that the image gallery will be scarce, so if you guys want to contribute to it with your own images, you are more than welcome. I know, I'm a terrible Print Screen-er.

Just paste the content of the archive in you Skyrim folder, or just use the Mod Manager for an easy and fast install.

In order to find your first clue, you have to travel East of Riverwood (I know it's a cliche start, but it might help people who start new characters to feel a more immersive experience), along the river, until you find an Abandoned Shack. Also you'll see a small Map Marker that will indicate the location of the shack.

There are a few hiccups here and there, nothing too serious, but I hope to solve them in the next update.

I have determined two situations where one being that a certain NPC can't attack from the mount, so he get's off and he and his mount attack you. Funny thing is that you can steal the mount while it's attacking you XD The second one, is where the great tower isn't placed in the correct location on the map as it's LOD. I had some difficulties in the Creation Kit to determine the exact position so I choose a better one.

Note: I would suggest that you do not take any followers with you since it is moded outside the map borders. While this is not a bug it may have unforeseen side effects. This is just a precaution but be assured that I have NavMashed thoroughly all the areas I have worked on

» Skyrim Script Extender (SKSE)

» ATTK Skyrim Power Loader

» AntiFREEZE performance patch 9 ENBSeries

» BOSS Plugin :: for a smoother gameplay experience ::

» Lilliths Moon Collecion + The Dragon Moons

» Enhanced Night Skyrim + Shooting Stars

» Better Dialogue Controls

» Fantasy music overhaul

At the moment the mod is in Beta Stage since I have no idea how it will react on your PC. I would love to hear some Feedback, from you guys, to see what I can improve or fix.

If I have time, I will try to make a walkthrough video in the future to show the fastest way to discover all the Easter Eggs.

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