Unique Player VoiceSet esp -shout friendly- hijacked femaleargonian by thehippyseal
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Added: 08/05/2013 - 10:37PM
Updated: 11/11/2013 - 11:51PM

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-- Summary --
Allows the player to use a custom voiceset without messing up femaleEvenToned npcs. Uses the voice set for the female argonian as a dedicated voice set. All female argonian NPCs now use femaleArgonionOriginal.

--- WARNING - Mod Side Effects ---
1 This mod will cause all female argonians that were NOT in the vanilla game, and don't have a custom voiceset, to lose their voiceovers. This can be easily resolved with the CK by changing the voicetype for the NPCs to femaleArgonianOriginal. I may even do fixes for some if requested.
2 Any NPC female argonians will not be able to use shout sounds, if they can use shouts. Which they don't in vanilla.

Share this mod however you want.

--- Install ---
1 Place esp in data directory.
2 Place audio files you want for your character in "SteamAppscommonskyrimDataSoundVoiceskyrim.esmfemaleargonian". Ensure they have the correct filenames for an argonian female.
3a Unpack the skyrim voices bsa and place the audio .fuz from femaleargonian folder in "SteamAppscommonskyrimDataSoundVoiceskyrim.esmfemaleargonianoriginal"
3b Alternatively, rename the folder in the skyrim voices bsa package "femaleargonian" to "femaleargonianoriginal"

-- Description --
The mod is intended to provide the script work for have a unique voice for the player character only. It does not contain any sound files. In order to achive this, the play character has to use the vanilla file directory for argonian female, otherwise shouts cannot be used.

Voice files (.fuz) have to be sourced seperately. I have seen one male shout recording mod, there may be more.

My mod enables you to have unique sounds for getting hit, swinging a weapon, while also shouting (which are mostly PC only anyway).

You will end up with female argonian voices, if you haven't installed your own sounds, as yours are supposed overwrite the vanilla argonian female.

--- Feedback ---
Do tell me if you find any argonions or other with the wrong voice. The NPCs will be fine, but there may be spawns that have the wrong one.