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Last updated at 10:36, 29 Nov 2013 Uploaded at 20:01, 8 May 2013

This mod remeshes/retextures all 13 Standing Stones in Skyrim. Following a color scheme focused on the 3 main constellations - The Warrior, The Mage, & The Thief. Each supporting constellation/charge of the main skill constellations will follow the color scheme of the main constellation they support.

Video features & reviews: Credits to Nozi87


The Warrior = The Lady, The Steed, & The Lord.

The Mage = The Atronach, The Apprentice, & The Ritual.

The Thief = The Shadow, The Lover, The Tower, & The Serpent.

Since The Serpent stone has no charges, is a main constellation and is all alone, I've paired up the color scheme to that of The Thief stone, making The Serpent stone somewhat of a supporting charge for The Thief.

High Definition Textures:

Definition Defined Textures:

These textures aren't the main HD textures of the mod because they don't fit the scale of the objects/statics in-game. Even though the detail/quality/definition of these textures are exponentially huge compared to the vanilla ones & HD textures, they don't look quite pleasing when used with vanilla shaders & rendering.

See what I mean by my WIP resources here.

DD Textures Vanilla shaders issues:

If you use them with ENBs like the ones I used below, preferable are ENB presets that have good realistic exposure and HDR toning, they will look like the shots below.

These textures are optional because I'm using a lot of my retextures for a modders resource project for my WIP "up-scaled" statics/objects resources.

I've released them here anyways for anyone that may want to try them out over the HD textures, or you have HUGE standing stones in your game and want to do some screen-archery with these textures.

Optional DD Textures: (They will not look like the images below if you use vanilla shaders, just stick with the HD textures as these are just optional)

Special Notes:
The best comparison is looking at the texture file itself which is why I always provide them for preview.

Choose a replacer from a directory and copy the "Data" folder provided in the archive to your
SkyrimData directory.

Overwrite any other files when prompted.

Trace back to the contents of the archive and delete what you have previously added to your SkyrimData directory.