Altered Joints - Werewolf Fall Damage Reducer by Frankie Stapler
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Added: 08/05/2013 - 07:04AM
Updated: 22/01/2014 - 08:29AM

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Last updated at 8:29, 22 Jan 2014 Uploaded at 7:04, 8 May 2013

Tired of being a delicate werewolf?

Download this mod to gain knees!

- Description:

Real quick and simple mod. Modifies Werewolf-form and human-form Werewolves.
Added optional Khajiit files per request.

- Werewolf Form:

You only take 7% of fall damage. This sounds ridiculously low, but the way Skyrim handles its accelerated fall damage makes it feel just right... for me at least.

You can jump off buildings and only take minor damage, but you'll still ragdoll down a bunch of craggy rocks if you try jumping off High Hrothgar.

- Human Form:

In human form the percent reduction is actually identical, it's just that you have nowhere near as much health in human form so it follows that you can't fall nearly as far. It all depends on how your game's set up and if you dump points into Health or not. Lemme know if you guys want me to nerf the human form.

- Installation:
Use Nexus Mod Manager. It's literally two clicks. You click "Download with NMM," then you click to activate it in the all-too neat and user-friendly NMM client.

- Bugs:
No bugs that aren't within reason. If you have mods that alter fall damage then you'll want to either put this mod below it in your load order or choose between that mod and this one. ...Or risk using both, save files be damned (what I'd do).

- Permissions:
You can re-upload this mod anywhere you want that isn't some kind of pay-service, and add to it or alter it as much as you want without permission from me. You don't have to credit me, but it'd be cool of you to do so.

- Thanks:
I cannibalized author 'MntnDew's' "No Fall Damage" .esp to make this mod, and he/she has about the same sharing policy for that mod.