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The 'Thieves Den' home is located near the Solitude docks, east of the East Empire Company Warehouse.

While it may be larger than a typical thieves home, it isn't a vast complex fit for a noble lord and his army. It is essentially a medium sized home, slightly on the edge of small, depending on how large you consider a home to be, yet retains the feel of a small back alley lair for any aspiring thief.

I also put a large Alduin statue in the middle of the first room. (Only joking... I'd like to think I decorated it tastefully. )

I feel that while Riften is a nice area, there are too many mods creating homes for thieves around there. If like me then, you prefer something a bit different, perhaps this mod may find a home in your load order.

---- It should be mentioned that this building and it's surrounding area has not be Navmeshed ---

This means that you will not be able to take your followers within the building, they will have to wait outside. This is due in part to my lack of ability to Navmesh with any skill, lack of desire to Navmesh, and my general dislike of companions in the first place. Do stealthy characters need a housecarl?

To access the home you will have to travel slightly east of the entrance location, till you find the original owner, he is dead in a boat. Take the key from him and use it to unlock the main door. It is yours by default, no quest, no cost. (Or something like that.)

Basic Information:
It has plenty of room to store items within chests and cabinets, a fair amount of weapon racks, with a display case should you wish to use it... There is however no mannequins. This is because they scare me. );

There is a library with a fair few shelves, each capable of holding up to 13 books. Who says thieves aren't scholars? Along with book-cases, the library also possesses an Enchanting table.

A small smithy is included with an Anvil, Workbench, Grindstone and Tanning rack. This is contained in a separate room. There is an Alchemy station, but it is located within the first room of the home.

Along with a bedroom to gain rested bonuses, there is a small vault, this requires you to pick open a adept level lock, some challenge is better than none right? Within it's separate world space there is a decent amount of space to store your items in safety, not that they aren't anyway, NPC's can't get in. No Navmesh. :P

Other than this, the mod has a few notes laying around for a bit of back story, if that's your sort of thing.

P.S; Should you be running an older rig, such as my own, if you are having lag issues from the torches within the building, turn your lighting fade down to either 5 or 7, this should deal with the issue.