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"I am the Bad Wolf. I create myself. I take the words; I scatter them in time and space … a message to lead myself here."

This mod serves three purposes:
The First, to make a Doctor Who joke.
The Second, to make wolves slightly more awesome.
The Third, to offer an ongoing quest to gain a familiar-looking amulet.

In my adventures in Skyrim, wolves started out as formidable but became nuisances like Skeevers
Level 1:
Wolf: "Grrr I'm a Wolf!"
Me: "AAAAA Take my money and don't hurt me!"

Level 42:
Wolf: "Grrrr I'm a Wolf!"
Me: "Yeah, that's great. you're dead now."

Level 60:
Wolf: "Grrr I'm dead now."
Me: "Did you hear something, Serana?"
Serana: "Yes? What'd you need?"

So I thought, "Gee, a leveled wolf would be cool. What would it be called though? Well, duh. Bad Wolf. It HAS to be Bad Wolf. Allons-y!"

The Bad Wolf will always be 80% of your level and want to devour your face, giving you a nice challenge!

Check out my torch wood mod, if you like

Oh, and I'm playing one of my characters as A Time Lord in Skyrim

As River Song says, "Spoilers!"

There is a 42% chance that a Bad Wolf will be holding a special key. This key can be used to open the 13 strongboxes scattered throughout Skyrim next to 13 instances of the words "Bad Wolf." Each strongboxe contains a gem fragment.
If you can find 12 of the 13 fragments, you can smelt them with a gold or quicksilver ingot into the Two-Heart Amulet, which fortifies your health and healing rate.

The Two-Heart amulet is modeled after an object from Doctor Who. As to what it is...well...let's just say there's a lot of human nature involved. ;)

Check the forums on this page for the locations of all 13 instances of Bad Wolf, if you're incredibly impatient. Or, if you are patient, watch this 30 minute video where I show you 11 instances of it, with the help of the Doctor's Wife:

And here's a video explaining the two other locations: