Dawnstar Sanctuary - Dark Brotherhood by jdegenerate
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Added: 05/05/2013 - 07:50AM
Updated: 05/04/2014 - 04:53PM

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Last updated at 16:53, 5 Apr 2014 Uploaded at 7:50, 5 May 2013


100 endorsements with just over 2,000 downloads. That's pretty good. It could stand to get more downloads. It's probably the best Dawnstar Sanctuary overhaul around.

Install pre or post quest (or during quest). When you install doesn't matter. Changes only show up when you've bought the upgrades from Delvin.

Note there's a problem with the nightmother's ring where if you equip it the ghost effect stays persistant and there's no way to get rid of it without loading a save from before you equipped it. I removed it from the latest update but you don't really need to download it as long as you be aware of the fact that using the ring will bork your character. Apologies if anyone ran into a problem with that. If anyone wants, you can download the 6.0 version and use the ring to turn an npc into a ghost as long as you want them to stay a ghost. That was the point of it anyway. The latest version is 6.1 - no ring.

Adds 27 unique, follower/inhabitant npc's to the sanctuary, including a serial killer, a cannibal, a pyromaniac and twin teen acrobats. Followers include: Gianna Arius the Daedra worshipper, Syrian Dreth the duel-wielding Dark Elf, Hannibal the Cannibal, Scartail the Shadowscale, Anton the Butcher, Janis the wayward bard, Niraleth Shadow Smoke Sanguine and Midnight the ninjas, Holly and Melancholy the twin acrobats, Jean the split personality, Vahknir the torturer, Zolo Deng the Witchdoctor, Vals the traveling Silencer, Styr the Hunter, Morrigan and Flemeth the Witches, Arlus the Gravedigger, Angelica, Demitruis Lachance and Arquen (the Third) the Speakers. The Night Mother (the ghost) and Chara the pyromaniac. Each uniquely implemented.

Completely re-hauls the sanctuary including 2 new added cells

Lets you cook human meat and buy poison apples.

Summon the ghosts of your lost Dark Brotherhood friends (buy the spells from one of the new inhabitants).

Other various summons (the werewolf is probably the best one).

Four functional bards (Janis, Melancholy, Angelica and Chara).

12 new mannequins (including a handful of custom backdrops).

22 weapon racks.

Fully interactive library.

Full crafting station.

Liberal use of insect/fish/bat spawns.

More idle markers.

More banners.

Redone Listener's quarters (actually, everything is redone).

Other stuff.

If you enjoy the mod, please remember to endorse. Also feel free to drop a note about anything you particularly enjoy or anything that's giving you trouble. But no trolls please. I prefer compliments but bug reports and questions seeking clarification are encouraged.


Install via NMM.

See my Dark Brotherhood Followers mod for revised Spectral Assassin and Dark Brotherhood Initiates.

Note, if you have trouble placing books on the bookshelves, a general trick for getting perfect placement is to open console, type tcl and hit enter. Close console. Place books. Open console and type tcl again. Hit enter. Close console. Most problems with bookshelves generally come from problems with collision.

Tes5edit will throw a bunch of errors because I deleted some clutter objects to make my life easy. Some people see UDRs as a cardinal sin but I doubt a deleted object ever jacked a person's game. You have way worse stuff in your game that won't show up in Tes5edit's log so don't bother reporting errors to me. Cleaning it would jack the mod for no good reason. If you're one of those cardinal sin people, I'll say it again - FOR NO GOOD REASON.

There's a couple lights that glitch but as I explained to one user, they ain't that easy to fix.

If you use W.A.T.E.R., you might want to forego that mod's animated boat option. There's already animated boats in the game anyway.

If you use Wet n Cold, Jean's clone will sometimes spawn with a bald head. If it bothers you, don't take Jean as a follower.

If you use Dark Brotherhood Resurrection, the mods aren't compatible. Load my mod after his and his quest won't start. Load his mod after mine and you get a NPC endlessly looping through the secret passage. If you've already finished Resurrection you might be able to get them to work together with the right load order, but you'll still have some minor overlapping objects (that you can fix with console disable).

Also, if you are installing this mod for the first time, it's a good idea to remove any weapons you have in the weapon rack in the player's room before installing to avoid any issues with that rack.

Also try my Volkihar Castle mod.