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Degenerate Update

Adds Dark Brotherhood dialogue to various sanctuary inhabitants. Sithis Shrine is now functional. Adds Krystan Cross (Kris Cross) who prays at the shrine and meditates on the tenets in the garden.

There's also an extended dialogue patch that increases some of the remaining inhabitants' range of dialogue, offered as an optional addon.

NOTE on the SITHIS SHRINE: It adds +15 to stealth, archery, illusion, one-handed and speech (same as a full robe and hood Black Hand robe combo based on oblivion stats) for 16 hours. It functions as intended, but if you mouse over any of the active effect entries, it will randomly choose one description and apply it to all of them, so for example it will say increases archery 15 points on all of them. But functionally it increases each of the five skills by 15 points. So don't bother to report that because I've already seen it, tested it and determined it not to be an issue. If you can tell me otherwise in technical terms, by all means speak up (I'm looking at you, COMA). I'm definitely not perfect. But it seems to be working as intended. I'll use it.

Coma Update

InAComaDial999 was kind enough to write a script to get the added torture victims to stay in place. He also got them moaning like proper torture victims should. He can consider himself something of a co-author of the mod now as far as I'm concerned. I also fixed a couple of minor bugs I found, a floating candle by where the thief sits and followers sleeping in Babette's bed, plus people using follower mods that allow followers to wander (EFF, followerwander, etc) may have found their followers stuck in a couple of vanilla wounded markers outside the sanctuary, so I set those to ignore sandbox. All in all, minor contribution by me, big contribution from Coma. Check out his Housecarl and Homeowner Greeting Fix mod. 

Updated Changes For Version 7.0
Major Update. 

Flickering lights FIXED.

Deleted records cleaned.

Improves various existing followers' appearances and or abilities. Adds a ton of new usable spawns, including animated ethereal weapons. The biggest improvement is with followers using multiple spawns. The way it worked before, if a follower had 3 spawns, they would use the best one 99 percent of the time and occasionally use a second and you never got to see the third. Now they randomly draw off a list, so you have a chance to see any of their spawns any time. Now, for example, instead of always spawning a spectral assassin, Nightmother has a chance to spawn any of the 10 or so legacy members, which include members from the old Cheydinhal sanctuary as well as the Falkreath members. Followers can now have infinite different spawns.

Animated Weapons are particularly good follower alternatives. Never get in your way during combat and have minor collision to block your path in narrow doorways less. My current style is to take ONE follower and have an animated weapon ready to spawn when combat starts. Sooooo much more fun and engaging for marksman characters.

Shadow's gimmick works now. She spawns a shadow who spawns a shadow and so on. Technically there could be a thousand shadows but 5 is the most I've seen. From testing, two is most common.

Added Ka'jirr (the Khajiit), Akuma (the Orc), Boris (the blacksmith), Keerah (the jungle girl), Moxi (the murgler), and Siri (the Novice Sorcerer). Siri's gimmick is her spells don't always work out. She might spawn a frostbite spider, she might spawn a chicken. She has about 10-15 different spawns, some useful, some not.

Removed Arquen (theThird) from the sanctuary and added Arquen's ghost to the list of Nightmother summons. Replaced Midnight with Akuma. Switched out Sanguine for Midnight.

Added Lightfoot perk to most followers so they don't set off traps, plus other perks appropriate to each character's class and style.

Restructured the living quarters, clearing up space. If you were using any of the containers I removed or replaced, I moved them all outside the walls so you won't lose anything if you update. TCL outside the room and find your stuff.

Redid the main dining hall table. Much less claustrophobic now. Much better throne. Inhabitants also take turns sitting at the table. Inhabitants generally move about the sanctuary more.

Cleaned up the library. RIP Miss Scarlett in the library with a candlestick.

Various smaller revisions to the cells.

Cleaned up my global footprint. Now you need a piece of human flesh in your inventory to get the mystery meat recipes, an apple and a frostbite poison to get poison apples, moonsugar to get skooma recipes, and a book found near the forge area (in the ingot container) to get the armor recipes.

Rebuilt changes from my Dark Brotherhood Followers mod into this one. THAT MOD IS NOW OBSOLETE

Removed quest items from merchant containers. Reduced merchant gold.

New craftable items. Make a Dark Brotherhood dagger (unenchanted Blade of Woe), Sufferthorn (Blade of Woe w/ Sufferthorn enchant), or combine the reward Blade of Woe and Mehrunes Razor to get the LaChance of Death (Blade of Woe with BOW enchant plus MR small chance of instant kill). Also backwards compatible. Use Lechance of Death to spawn 3 Blade of Woes, 2 Blade of Woes to make a Mehrunes Razor. End result: 1 Blade of Woe, 1 Mehrunes Razor. Craft Ethereal arrows. Make a black hood. Build a shaman mask. Make a bison skull shield. Build a Sithis' Rose (wall of flames). Make a Staff of Screams (Wabbajack model that screams like a banshee). Make a Black Band (silver ring with old Oblivion enchant), Cruelty's Heart (same deal), Black Hand robe and hood (Black hood and robe set with oblivion enchants). Create Listener's Robes. Also all the old items, shadowscale armor (shrouded armor with ebony mail enchant) and hooded and non-hooded black robes with armor rating. I like the LaChance of Death and the Staff of Screams, personally.

Made a handful of spells lesser powers for hands free casting. Animated weapons and humanoid spawns are cast with the shout key. 

There's now adept and expert level flames spells for sale (the beginner Flame spell) that do 18 and 32 damage per second (actually, I reduced those numbers, but I can't say to what off the top of my head, 16 and 28 maybe). Not sure if that's useful to anyone but I always wanted a higher level version of that spell. Also a shout key fasthealing, close wounds for 2 handed ease of use. The shout key spells don't seem to use magicka, but they also don't seem to count towards your level, so using them carries a benefit and a detriment. 

Sorry, Zolo Deng's outfit was incompatible with Unofficial Skyrim Patch, so rather than having two separate versions, I just changed his outfit to something suitable but not quite as cool. Non-UskP users can change the outfit in the editor to aaArmorZoloDengwSkull (won't work if you use UskP).

EDIT: I was able to work out a patch for USkP users. Please let me know if it works. It's working for me.

Very limited global edits. I think I increased the value of human hearts and human flesh from 0 to 10 (because I needed Hannibal to sell them). Effect is you may be able to sell those items to merchants. I edited the four torture victims (no effect) and the two initiates (will conflict with mods that edit the initiates). Also Spectral Assassin and the spectral assassin spell (he now has a bow to fight dragons and persists until killed or you spawn something else). If you use the USkP patch the hand bandages are made playable. Also I edited the hell out of the Dawnstar Sanctuary (duh).

Extensive use of different followers may net surprising results. Use them.


Download the main file and install. No mod requirements. Finish Where You Hang Your Enemy's Head quest.

I'm a big fan of ELFX, but changes made to ELFX 2.0 are incompatible with this mod. You'll have to delete the DawnstarSanctuary cell out of the ELFX esp using tes5edit if you want to use ELFX and this mod together. You'll still get the dark interior but none of his bogus changes to the sanctuary. Because I realize some people are uncomfortable making those kinds of changes, as a courtesy I'm uploading an edited ELFX esp which removes the DawnstarSanctuary cell but nothing else. Requires EnhancedLightingandFX 2.0.


InAComaDial999 - Restrain script and dialogue work
Lycanthrops - Morrigan and Angelica's wigs -
Nuska - Morrigan's hair model -
Apachii - Angelica's hair model -
EDHILDILS - Zolo's Shaman Mask -
Blary - open books, potion bottles, meat rack, Egg crate, leek crate, apple basket -
Tamira - voodoo doll, voodoo doll pins, skooma pipe and bisonskull shield -
Oaristys & Tony67 - everything else -


NPCs not wearing shoes, etc: I changed some default outfits which don't carry over on update. You need to open console, click on the npc and type resetinventory. Opening the trade menu, taking a piece of armor and giving it back should work, too.

Missing containers: I replaced some of the containers in the bedroom. The old containers are outside the cell. TCL out to the general location of where they were at and you should find them.

Flickering lights: You have another mod that adds light sources to the cell. I fixed any light issues. Be sure to remove any revisions to the cell from mods like ELFX. 

I can't find Anton: You need to remove the revisions to the DawnstarSanctuary cell in Enhanced Light and FX. He inexplicably walled off the corridor. Or use my edited esp which does it for you.

I changed Morrigan/Angelica's outfit using x follower mod and now they just have vanilla hair: The hair are wig helmets, so they're part of the outfit. Accordingly, I gave them low quality clothing/armor so you shouldn't have to do anything more than give them new armor through the standard trade dialogue. If you want to fix it and your follower mod won't let you restore their default outfits, then DL Lycanthrop's Hairstyler mod (listed in the credits AND recommended mods) and use the change hair spell.

I put books on the bookshelves and they don't line up properly: Probably an issue from running too many scripts in your game. A way around it is to console tcl before placing books. They'll go where they're supposed to and then you turn tcl off, which allows them to havok settle. Perfectly placed books every time. That works for any book shelf, anywhere in the game. 

The weapon rack in the bedroom is eating my weapons: I moved the rack out to accommodate the wall behind it, so if you had weapons in the rack when you installed the mod, then your game is going to remember their original location, which is just behind the wall. Remove any weapons before installing. If you failed to do that, you can tcl into the wall and get your weapons back, then uninstall, clean save and reinstall the mod.

Note on Extensible Follower Framework: I just installed the most recent update and found that once you've added a follower to its system, the reset inventory command removes their entire inventory. Same with resurrect. So if you have to reset someone's inventory, do it before you've asked them to follow you, or else you'll have to remove them from that mods system, which I assume would require a console command listed on the EFF page.


Detailed Rugs: (I designed the rug layout around these meshes).
Enhanced Noble Furniture 4x _byMike: (For silver-backed shelves).
Enhanced Blood Textures: (Because blood).
Hairstyler: (For easily modifiable hair). 
UndeadFX: (Because this mod will make necros like Arlus better). 
RS_Children: (For awesome Babette).
ENBBoost: (Because it reduces the stress the game puts on your system).
Deadly Spell Impacts: (For better decals in Chara's Playground).
Book Covers Skyrim: (Because shelves look better when filled with these books).
Interesting NPCs: (Because if there was ever a mod you should add to your game, this is it).
Become a Bard: (Because I voted it FotM)
Skyrim Immersive Creatures: (Because monsters)

Re-haul of the Dawnstar Sanctuary. No special installation steps required. Install any time. Additions appear once you finish the quest and purchase the upgrades.

Adds 30 follower/inhabitant NPC's to the sanctuary, including a serial killer, a cannibal, a pyromaniac and twin teen acrobats. Each uniquely implemented.

Lots of custom summon spells for sale.

Various handwritten books, journals, notes.

New recipes for poison apples and dishes using mystery meat.

Lots of extra mannequins and weapon racks.

Will work with most texture replacers, mannequin mods, follower mods, etc. 

If you enjoy the mod, please remember to endorse. Also feel free to drop a note about anything you particularly enjoy or anything that's giving you trouble. I like to hear how people are enjoying the mod.


Install via NMM or do a manual install. Buy sanctuary upgrades from Delvin.

Also try my Volkihar Castle mod.