Dawnstar Sanctuary - Dark Brotherhood by jdegenerate
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Added: 05/05/2013 - 07:50AM
Updated: 25/03/2015 - 02:19AM

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Re-haul of the Dawnstar Sanctuary. No special installation steps required. Install any time. Additions appear once you finish the quest and purchase the upgrades.

Adds 27 follower/inhabitant NPC's to the sanctuary, including a serial killer, a cannibal, a pyromaniac and twin teen acrobats. Each uniquely implemented.

Lots of custom summon spells for sale.

Various handwritten books, journals, notes.

New recipes for poison apples and dishes using mystery meat.

Lots of extra mannequins and weapon racks.

Will work with most texture replacers, mannequin mods, follower mods, etc. 

If you enjoy the mod, please remember to endorse. Also feel free to drop a note about anything you particularly enjoy or anything that's giving you trouble. I like to hear how people are enjoying the mod.


Install via NMM or do a manual install. Buy sanctuary upgrades from Delvin.

See my Dark Brotherhood Followers mod for revised Spectral Assassin and Dark Brotherhood Initiates.

Also try my Volkihar Castle mod.