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Added: 05/05/2013 - 07:30AM
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Last updated at 7:30, 5 May 2013 Uploaded at 7:30, 5 May 2013

Location North of Whiterun look for the fast travel icon Heros Cairn (Check Pictures & Video Link)

Youtube Video Link

Starter Home/Living space

Welcome to another one of my living space mods,really simple this one with a basic orc
shelter as your home with full blacksmiths,cooking,enchanting, and alchemy all included.
Theres a few weapon plaques,storage chest and storage barrels & supplies with a strongbox
for smaller items inside.All the usual and a legendary follower to ressurect for a small price
loads of potential for this one so lets start it off basic first and add to it later.

Update V1.1
Added Ghost of Whiterun vendor 'Capt Jacob' Sells supplies & deed to the ghost armor
(He can be found near living space in the ruins of a watch tower)
Added Champion of Whiterun LVL 30 follower to resurrect (Needs items to resurrect)
Added Hero of Whiterun LVL 30 follower to resurrect (Needs items to resurrect)
Added Deed to 'Ghost Armor' when worn adds a ghost blade to inventory and when
you take it off it removes the ghostblade also you have a ghost effect when wearing armor
Added More items to Storage barrel
Added leveled alchemy & enchanting strongbox on shelf above the crafting tables
Added Night Eye spell (same as khajiit night vision) found on crafting table
Added Ebony ore found in cart at the side of Shelter/living space
Added 2 more weapon plaques inside shelter/living space

Please check new Pictures & Video

Full smithy & Supplies
Cooking area & Supplies
Alchemy & Enchating
Talos shrine
Storage Barrels & Chest
Resurrect Legendry LVL 30 follower (Whiterun Guard Ghost) Requires objects to resurrect

Thanks for looking...Will do another update soon,please rate if you like the mod,thank you.