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Existence as a Vampire isn't easy.

You have the usual issues - the hunger, the hunting, the being hunted. Then there's the rival clans and endless infighting amongst our own kind.

It all adds up, and there never seems to be enough places to just get away from it all for the day.
Now though, while stalking around Solitude, you notice something, a tower nested in the rock above the road. A curious sight you don't remember seeing before.

There doesn't appear to be any obvious way up, but as you approach the wooden structure by the roadside you sense something, you feel like you could just ascend to the walkway far above, and with a simple thought, you do.

Looking around, you see far into the distance, to your left you can see Solitude bathed in moonlight, and then down to the docks below it. Turning and walking to the door behind you, You step inside.

Welcome midnight traveler, feel free to make yourself at home, even if it's only for a little while.

Name: Crimson Fang Tower

A small two cell player home for Vampires in the form of a standalone castle tower style building.


~ Sleeping area (Coffin - main area)
~ Storage (various)
~ Alchemy, Enchanting areas
~ Forge, Grind wheel, Workbench and tanning areas
~ Armour mannequins and weapon displays/racks
~ Companion area - A "cage" in the main room
~ Thrall pen (Thralls included)
~ Guard animal - Death Hound (he should remain in the room you find him in)
~ Small vault

To gain entry - upon arriving at the map marker/platform - walk onto the platform and move around until you see an instruction appear on the screen, press "E" - or whatever you've mapped "activate" to, and it'll go from there.

There is a journal belonging to previous occupant in the main room, it's on the table by the entry stair. Just some background to the owner and location.

If playing as a non-Vampire that has entered the tower, then you'll find that there's no grand player bed to use.
Either sleep in the cage cot, or down with the thralls.

I did say the place was Vampire orientated, as such there is no cooking facilities present either.

The tower has it's own map marker - status - always activated.

Look for it near Solitude on the world map. You should see the map marker (Tower/Fort marker).

Image of the location on the map is included in this download.

Official DLC: Dawnguard, Hearthfire, Dragonborn.

General Stores - storage resource for packrats:

There will be no change to these requirements.

Hope you enjoy it,