Hale - Rough Female Face - SG Patch by Halendia
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Added: 07/05/2013 - 11:33AM
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Rough Female Face - SG Patch - by Halendia

Category: Textures > Skin > Females
Special Credits: Hellosanta for base textures and Nuska for matching normal maps (not included)

Description: This is a little "patch" to Hellosanta's SG Female Textures Renewal that adds a new roughened looking version of the base texture ( CAN be used separately but the SG main file is strongly recommended (as it contains matching body textures, normal maps etc.).

This is my own rendition of how I think Skyrim has treated her children, no photomodels here...

Hand painted in Photoshop.

Installation: Via NMM or extract into Skyrim installation folder. If prompted to overwrite your SG textures, click yes. Install this AFTER your SG textures.

Uninstallation: Via NMM or remove & from your data\textures\actors\character\female directory.