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Breezehome Deluxe
Version 0.9beta by Misantrooper

As a famous man once said:
"A house is the same size as the souls who live there."

First, sorry for my bad english. The following text is machine translated.

The translation is not final. the book from the purchase is not translated in time.
the mod i now finally translated, when you can help me for better translation, send me a pm

for images look in the original thread:
TNH Brisenheim Deluxe German

When you update from version 0.8 REMOVE all items from the house.

The mod MUST be installed before buying breezehome, otherwise there will be conflicts with the purchase dialog and triggers.
And read the Readme

- Skyrim Patch
- Hearthfire

The breezehome now has two options.
Either you simply can in the prevailing chaos a bed for yourself and Lydia, and a fire pit set up,
You can renovate the house and so has a variety of upgrade options.
you should opt for renovation, You can buy the living room, dining area, bedroom and alchemy/enchantment area.
Furthermore, you can lower the house cellars, which upgrades the kitchen and forge are available. After buying the kitchen the children bedroom is purchasable.
The basement currently offers without further requirements to access the catacombs, which serve as the central collection point for looted treasures.

Small statistics:
  • 5 Bookshelves for a total of 130 books
  • 26 NON-Respawn Container
  • 7 Weapon Mounts for 2 weapon and shield
  • 8 Weapon Rack + shield holders for various principalities
  • 18 Weapon showcases with activator
  • 7 Dagger showcases with activator
  • 10 Busts for dragon priest masks
  • 10 Mounts for dragon claws
  • 8 Bow standa
  • 18 Mannequins
  • 1 Mount for the "Ebony blade" from which it does not fall out everything GUARANTEED
  • 1 Mount for the "Elder scroll(dragon)"
  • 1 Secret Room for (hopefully) all the Daedric Artifacts (Where is the Secret Room will not reveal ;))
  • NEW 0.9: Shrines of the Divine

A Realistic Hope ENB The photorealistic ENB
Vanilla Mannequin Script Fix

The mod should be compatible with all other mods that do not affect the breezehome or the bailiff of whiterun.

Artisanix - Paintings and Frames
Blary - OpenBooks Resource
Blary - Alchemy Clutter Resource
Oaristys and Tony67 - Modders Resource Pack
uglydemon - Intact Banners
Sydzilla - Markarth City Banner Retexture

Who finds the secret room?