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Thank you to BrokenCarr00t1 for making this wonderful video that features my mod.

Previous version at:

I made this as a new mod as it is so different to the previous version. I have tried to take on board people's comments. Please inform me if any displays don't work for you. Please add comments about what you think and endorse if you like it.

**** NOTE ****
There are two versions - Vanilla Skyrim and one for the Dragornborn Expansion. Please only install one.
To install, click the file tab, choose a version and then use the NMM button or install manually.

I love to collect and display items within Skyrim but no other home quite felt right for me for a variety of reasons so I made this one.

This home is located East of Ivarstead by following the road at the north of the village. There is a picture showing the location in the screenshots section.

From the outside you can see what looks like a pleasant wooden home built into the side of the mountain. Higher up, you can see a structure jutting out of the mountain.

Upon entering you find that the wooden exterior is just the start of the house as it connects to the hallways and chambers of an ancient complex.

There is only one load door which leads to a cavern.


Entrance: 4 Bookshelves with room for 44 books.
6 Storage Containers.
4 Weapon displays.
4 Mannequins.
A variety of clutter for decoration or to take and sell.

Bedroom: 3 Bookshelves with room for 33 books.
4 Storage Containers.

Treasure Room: 1 Storage Container.
Custom made display for Dragonpriest Masks.
Custom made display for Dragon Claws.
Displays for Larceny items, Insect jars and various other unique items.

Kitchen: 2 Storage Containers.
Cooking pot.
Attached underground garden with a variety of plants.

Workshop: 4 Storage Containers.
2 Weapon displays.
2 Mannequins.
3 Shield displays.
Wood, Leather, Smelter, Grindstone, Forge, Workbench.

Sleeping Area: 4 beds for followers (Please note, I don't yet know how to enable followers to call this house their home).
8 Storage Containers.

Display Rooms: 2 Rooms each contain:
36 Weapon displays.
21 Mannequins.
16 Shield Displays.

Library: 18 Bookshelves with room for 324 books.
Containers for Potions, Poisons, Ingredients & Enchanting supplies.
7 Weapon Displays.
Alchemy and Enchanting Stations.
Display for Azura/Black Star and Elder Scroll.
Garden with many Alchemy ingredients.

Shrine: 10 Shrines for blessings.
9 Amulet displays.

Cavern: An additional area with mining nodes and harvestable plants and items, including harvestable soul gems.

**** The Dragornborn version adds the following: ****

Black Books: Room with displays for all 7 black books.

Locked Rooms: 2 locked rooms. The keys are obtained from the Dragornborn quests so that these areas are not available until their equivalent areas are unlocked in the game.

Other: New displays in the Treasure Room - 4 masks, 1 dragon claw, a variety of other items.

There is also a 10 location Teleport system for quick and easy navigation.

There are timed exterior lights and running piped water.

Disclaimer: I'm using the house myself.

I personally don't like internal load doors so made this with a minimum. This does mean though that the interior cell is very large and although this works great on my system, I have no idea how it will perform on others. If it causes a lot of problems, I may be able to make one that is more conventionally split up. I'll see how it goes first though.

I'm only using the original skyrim lights also, so it's untested with anything else.

I've used some modding resources, so credit must be given to:

Artisanix for Paintings and Frames
Blary for Ingredients in a Jar Resource
Blary for FoodContainer Resource
ChickenDownUnder for Harvestables
Elinen for Hoddminir Water Plants
Hana for Hana'a Trophy Cases
Iilith for Iilith's Curio Cabinets
Iilith's Curio Cabinets - Ayleid Edition
Insanity for Insanity's Wall Charts
Insanity's Curtains
Insanity's Paintings
Insanity's Rugs
Insanity's Pillows
Insanity's Room Dividers
Insanity's Lanterns
Chessboard Resource
InsanitySorrow's Fountain
Tamira for Strotis Castle Furniture Resource
New Plants v1.2
Antique Statue
Tamira's Celtic Stone Cross

Finally, enormous thanks must go to Sjogga for the: Dragon Claw Script and instructions which I was also able to adapt for other displays; the Azura/Black Star Script; the Teleport Script from their lovely Dawnspire home (; and just general friendliness and helpfulness.

Please contact me with any requests or suggestions.