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v3.0 Update
See 'Changes' tab (above, on the right)

v2.0 Update

** Changed the naming convention on all most items. Now most items retain vanilla names, but have the " Misc: " tag prefix added to them. This is to make sorting and locating the items a little bit easier.

** Changed many of the recipes so that they only require 1 of each item to make ingot(s). For example, you will no longer see recipes calling for 2 items to create 3 ingots.. All item:ingot ratios will follow one of these formats:
1 item : # ingots
# items : 1 ingot

** Added recipes for a few items that I had missed

** Entered all of the data into a spreadsheet in Excel, which made it a lot easier to identify any recipes or weight changes that needed to altered. I have posted all of the data on this main page here so you will know exactly what changes are made instead of having to test it out in game.

This is a pretty simple mod that gives the Dragonborn the ability to smelt Dwarven ingots using ALL of the Dwemer/Dwarven items that are found in vanilla Skyrim and listed as miscellaneous objects. I have also changed the naming convention of these items to go in line with my own custom sorting template (similar to Utoplysts sorting). For example, "Dwemer Gyro" is now "Misc: Dwemer Gyro".

This entire mod was based on the perceived density of solid Dwarven metal. Since we all know that density is the ratio of an objects mass to volume (d=m/v), both properties were considered during my creation of this mod. If you care to know exactly how I did this, read on. Otherwise, skip it!


So, as was mentioned, both mass and volume of dwarven metal needed to be identified. As Bethesda has not provided us with a "Periodic Table of Tamrielic Elements", I had to do this in a rather subjective manner, but to the best of my ability to keep it as realistic as possible. For example, in vanilla Skyrim a "Large Dwemer Strut" weighs 20.0 and a Dwarven Ingot weighs 1.0 ... However, if you compare the sizes of the two objects, it is easy to see that the strut is nowhere near 20x the size of an ingot. So, assuming both items are made from the same metal (an assumption this mod makes), something needed to change. Since the ingot is more important of an item to the game in general, I felt changing the specs of the miscellaneous items was better than changing the specs and stats of the Dwarven ingot.

- I assumed an efficiency ratio of approximately ~70%. This means if an item weighs 10 units, the player would only receive 7 units of product in return (i.e. 7 ingots). However, this is just an approximation. Some items are more and some are less, depending on the item. For example, one of the Dwemer Bowl items only appears to be made partially of dwemer metal. For this item I decreased the amount of resulting ingot to properly reflect its apparent composition.

- No changes were made to the vanilla Dwarven ingot. Its mass and size were both used to standardize the amount of resulting ingot from the rest of the miscellaneous dwemer pieces. Some items had their weight increased a little bit, and some of them had their weight decreased a little bit. Regardless of what change was made, every attempt was made to be realistic while keeping the weights manageable.

- The value of these items was never taken into consideration. Thus, you may find a few dwemer bowls that are worth maybe ten septims total and then smelt them down into ingot that is worth a lot more. This is the payoff from the work you put in to track the items down and find a smelter and earn the profit for yourself. I felt that keeping with vanilla prices and value was best.

Drag and drop the *.esp file into your skyrim 'data' folder. Make sure to enable the mod by checking it in the data files section of launch screen or mods tab in wrye bash. I dont use NMM so i dont know how it works but its just a simple esp mod without any additional files.. sjhouldnt be rocket science to get it installed :)

Final Note: If anyone has any suggestions about my methodology or would like to see some changes tweaked a little bit here or there, please don't hesitate to let me know. I am always open to logical suggestions and constructive criticism.

ALSO: if anyone wants a version that uses vanilla naming conventions (or Better Sorting, or any other sorting/naming mod) just let me know and ask me nicely and I shouldn't have an issue making it for you :D