Dragon Cleric - Dragonplate Armor replacement by DankRafft
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Last updated at 10:22, 15 Dec 2011 Uploaded at 14:20, 13 Dec 2011

Some players requested a light (armor) version of this plugin. I will see to it if I have some spare time. But there is a question:
Do you want the heavy armored Jagged Crown implemented or just the cuirass? Possibly even a whole new set of helm and cuirass (and/or boots and gauntlets)?
Tell me your opinion in the comments section.

This little plugin changes the appearance of the Dragonplate Armor and Helmet. The Helmet gets the appearance of Jagged Crown and the Cuirass gets the appearance of Savior's Hide which are complementary to each other I think. You can use all your beloved re-texture mods with this plugin. You'll find an example in the screenshot collection of this mod.

Some mods I use:
Saviors Hide Replacer - Female
Whitened Dragonbone


Automatic: Just use the Nexus Mod Manager.
Manually: Extract the file dragon_cleric.esp to the folder [...]\Steam\SteamApps\common\skyrim\Data.

Afterwards you have to activate it from the Skyrim launcher data menu or in Nexus Mod Manager in the Plugins tab. Check your skyrimprefs.ini file (folder [...]/My Documents/My games/Skyrim/). Make sure you have bEnableFileSelection=1 in SkyrimPrefs.ini under [Launcher]. Otherwise the data files menu in the Skyrim launcher won't appear and the mod won't work.

Have fun (and endorse if you like it)!

My mods:
Ebony Helmet with Nightingale appearance