Immersive Difficulty Levels by David Sid
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Added: 03/05/2013 - 04:22PM
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Last updated at 17:04, 6 May 2013 Uploaded at 16:22, 3 May 2013

This mod includes three alternative difficulty levels that add challenge by spawning tougher enemies earlier and more often. A Bandit doesn't get any tougher, but you may well see a Bandit Thug instead. It's a more interesting challenge than a simple damage multiplier. (Since this is intended to replace the in-game difficulty setting, it's recommended to have that setting at Adept.)

The inspiration for this was an article ( that suggested the difficulty settings should have adjusted level scaling instead of multiplying damage. This mod implements that idea by altering the generic scaling factors used in generating most leveled enemies. In the vanilla game, these factors range from 33% to 125%. With any of these alternative difficulty settings, they are increased significantly.

The result is that leveled spawns often generate tougher enemy types than usual. Unaffected are those who level up directly with the player (e.g. Malyn Varen) and those with a fixed level (e.g. Volsung). Since leveled lists are only well-populated up to a certain point, each difficulty level is most effective for characters up to a certain level--40 for Thane, 35 for Jarl, 30 for High King. Beyond that, the challenge will diminish as your character's abilities increase.

Each of the files for this mod represents a different difficulty setting, as shown below. If you enable more than one at a time, only the lowest in your load order will take effect. The difficulty levels are as follows:

033% to 125% ---- Citizen (no mod enabled): No guts, no glory.
067% to 150% ---- Thane: A respectable challenge.
100% to 175% ---- Jarl: Worthy foes abound.
125% to 200% ---- High King: Sovngarde awaits.

Note that unlike the in-game difficulty setting, adding or removing an Immersive Difficulty Levels mod will not affect already-existing enemies. (If you can't finish a dungeon, disabling the mod won't help.)

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If you find any bugs or issues, please note them in the comments so I can promptly address them.