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Version 1.1

If you like this mod, please don't forget to endorse; it's my only reward for the time and effort I spend on it!

In this mod, you can shout as much as you want. There's no cooldown on any shouts, or on any powers.
Before you could only use a power once a day. Not anymore!
There is a 2-3 seconds cooldown on the powers and the shouts.
I know that this has already been done, and i'm not trying to steal anyones ideea. But I have a few more things included in this mod..

When I became a Nightingale in skyrim by doing the Thievs Guild questline, I became disapointed.
I could only have on power at a time? When all of them where so cool?
I had to change this.

So in Whiteruns Dragonreach there is a wommen wandring around under the name of Liz.
Of her, you can buy all of the powers in game. All the racial powers aswell. You can even buy the argonien lungs, so you can breath underwater. And the most expenive on must be the Werewolf power, for they who are to lazy to do the companiens quest. All for a decent price of course.
And in Tel Mithryn there is a wommen who is named Susan, she can sell you all the powers in solsteim!
If you think some of them are highly overprised, or the opposite. Please message me and I will look into it.

All DLC supported!

This mod works for Skyrim, dawnguard and dragonborn.
They are standalone! So you will need all three files if you want all shouts and powers in all dlc's to be without cooldown.
If you only want the Dawnguard shouts to be without cooldown, then only download that one.

  • Skyrim - Contains the skyrim powers and shouts. With merchant.
  • Dawnguard - Contains all shouts of dawnguard. No merchant, cuz there's no powers to be purchased.
  • Dragonborn - Contains all shouts of dragonborn. A new merchant called "Susan". She lives in Tel Mithryn, with master Neloth. (She can't be follower yet)

A list of all the buyable powers in game. (From Liz)
  • Adrenaline Rush - Redguard racial power
  • Ancestor's Wrath - Dunmer racial power
  • Battle Cry - Nord racial power
  • Beast Form
  • Berserker Rage - Orc racial power
  • Command Animal - Bosmer racial power
  • Dragonskin - Breton racial power
  • Highborn - Altmer racial power
  • Histskin - Argonian racial power
  • Voice of the Emperor - Imperial racial power
  • Nightingale Strife
  • Nightingale Subterfuge
  • Shadowcloak of Nocturnal
  • Summon Spectral Assassin
  • Argonien lungs
  • Polymorph Skeever

A list of all the buyable powers in Dragonborn DLC (From Susan).
  • Conjure Werebear
  • Conjure Dremora Butler
  • Conjure Dremora Merchant
  • Stone Power: Earth
  • Stone Power: Water
  • Stone Power: Sun
  • Stone Power: Tree
  • Stone Power: Wind
  • Summon Karstaag (Still only 3 times, but since you can buy the power tome it will be 6)
  • Black Book: No Stamina
  • Black Book: No Magicka
  • Black Book: No Falling Damage
  • Black Book: Heal
  • Black Book: Half Damage

Warning: Polymorph Skeever is extremly buggy. You will have to load back. SO SAVE BEAFORE USE.

The story of Liz & Susan

The Merchant in whiterun is called Liz, and the merhcant in Tel Mithryn are called Susan. They were Nocturnals sisters. When they were young, they lived in a rich and magical family. And they had to go in the footsteps of there ancestors, by joining an ancent order. But Nocturnal betrayed them all, even her parents. And became the Lady of Darknes. Liz & Susan is the only one who survived. The order and the family is no more. The Jarl of Whiterun took Liz and kept her safe. And she has been there ever since. Used here intence magcial properties to master the art of powers.
But they were splitted from eachother. So Susan went up getting to Tel Mithryn, with master Neloth. She has been with Neloth ever since, used her magical properties to examin the wierd powers comming from the Stones in Solsteim.
Will they ever be reunited?..

Short info

Only Liz can be your follower for now. There have been some trouble with Susan. But even when Liz is following you, you can buy new powers. If you dismiss her she will return to Whiteruns Dragonsreach. If you wear the amulet of mara, both will have the option to be marryed.


If you don't want to buy the spells, but simply just get them. Then I have a cheat for it.
Go to whiterun and into Farengars magic room. Look up to the window and right above it, you'll see a chest. (See images if you can't find it) Press the "| or §" button on your keybord to bring up the console. (The button under "ESC")
Now click the chest with your mouse, and type the following: activate player

Cheat Dragonborn

Go into Tel Mithryn, and into Master Neloth's staff enchanter room.
Press the "| or §" button on your keybord to bring up the console. (The button under "ESC")
Now type in the following: TLC
Now you're in a kind of spectating mode. Just go under the floor so you can see a chest.
Bring up the console again, select the chest with your mouse and type the following: Activate player.

What can I do with Liz & Susan?

  • You can buy all the powers from them.
  • You can have Liz as an potential follower. (She is OP)
  • Even when she is following you, you can buy powers.
  • You can marry Both.
  • Warning: Susan is a dragonborn DLC merhcant. You will need The "Dragonborn" DLC.

Futured planes for Liz & Susan

  • The Quest: Reunited Sisters. Explains it self.
  • Talk to them about her old family. (I will need a voice actors for this; See Help me section if your interested.)
  • More conversations. (When the above is complete)
  • Optional "sexy Merchant" version. (May need another mod)
  • When my Spells mod is finished, it will be a "OP Merchant Follower" optional file. It will add my destructive spells to them.


Drag and drop "CSP Skyrim, CSP dawnguard and CSP Dragonborn" into your Data folder.
Data folder is located at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\skyrim\Data

Add the RAR file into NNM (or download via NMM) and activate "CSP Skyrim, CSP dawnguard and CSP Dragonborn" in Nexus Mod Manager.


Delete "CSP Skyrim, CSP dawnguard and CSP Dragonborn" from your Data folder.

Deactivate "CSP Skyrim, CSP dawnguard and CSP Dragonborn" in Nexus Mod Manager.

Know bugs

  • When she follows you, she might draw a bow. But no worry she will switch to magic at the second a battle starts. Problem solved. I'ma try to fix this.

  • The "All in one" and "Skyrim" version is now fixed. Farengar now has his own spells back.

  • Added a New merchant called Susan (Found in Tel Mithryn)
  • Added all powers from the dragonborn DLC into the new merchant.
  • Removed power cooldown on the dragonborn DLC powers.

v1.0: Initial Release!

I need your help

To get this mod complete I will need your feedback. What do you think about it? Any changes?
Overpriced power tombs? Underpriced?

The voice actor.
I want to add some dialoge to Liz, I know how to do it. I just don't have a female voice since I am a male..
So if there are anyone out there who knows someone or want to to it for themself, please message me.
They will have to have their own recording device, but they will get the script from me.
If you could do this it would be amazing.

If you have any ideeas or anything to say at all. Please message me.
And if you want to help out with this mod in any kind of way, message me.

Please report all bugs to me.

Nexus: RedModder