Skyrim RTS Army Wars v2 by Toteman and Salvadorc17
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This custom battle simulator allows you to create units and make participate them into custom Skryim Wars.


This mod feature a battleground simulation, based on Skyrim elements, which can be customized to get different scenearios for a Realm War. Choose between diferent armies: Imperial, Thalmor, Stormcloack, Dwarvens, Bandits, etc


The Realm Wars objective is let player build a private army and be capable of confront it against different enemies, with the intention of dominating their territories and defeat all his enemies.

In the boot camp you can change your simulation scenario with the options menu, this let you choice for different map areas to start the battleground or in addition select the test area to learn the basics to the mod.

In the battlegrounds you can confront Realms of enemies and create different military units to force it conquest all the locations. At start you have some population quantity to limit your army, you can research some upgrades to get more population count. Also you can win money by kiling enemies.

Barracks Menu.

This is your main military building, here you can train soldiers and make some researchs.

-Soldier (Military unit to attack enemy zones)

-Guard ((Military unit to protect the allies zones)

Farmhouse Menu.

This is your farm house, bring you population capacity and can train farmers to get more gold.

-Villager (Civilian unit that can work and retrieve gold)

-Farmhouse population (Determines how much units you can recruit)

Temple Menu.

This is magic building, here you can train magics units.

-Priest (Specialized in healing)

-Warlock (Specialized in summoning)

-Necromancer (Specialized in dark magic or cursed effects)

Blacksmith Menu.

This building lets you research some good improves for your military.

Market Menu.

This building lets you buy some equipment necessary for your military.

-Raid Trigger.

Lets you start a enemy trigger and defend your base.

-Assault Trigger.

Lets you attack enemy outpost and conquer locations.

-Note. This is demo beta version and might contain bugs. All credits to Creation Kit.