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Render Unto Solstheim
V 1.0
By Khrada

High King Ulfric said: "Render unto Solstheim the things which are Solsthiem's, and unto Skyrim the things that are Skyrim's" (not word for word)
He may not have said the exact phrase, but we all know he's a Talos-fearing man and loves Skyrim with all his heart.
I too, feel the crisis when I start seeing the good people (and draugrs) of Skyrim are being tainted by those foreign weapons and draugrs, this is no longer the Skyrim I know and love.
Therefore, I have created this mod to bar those unwanted outlanders from our native land. Skyrim belongs to the Nords!

All jokes aside, I do feel Nordic Carved armors and Hulking Draugrs are rather out of place when I travel in Skyrim, so I have made a little tweak for myself to make them only appear on Solstheim.
This mod came out of that tweak, with MCM support added and few more little changes. Just in case anybody is interested in this as well, hope you like it.

- Prevents Nordic Carved armor set, Nordic Carved weapons, and Hulking Draugrs from appearing in Skyrim
- MCM support, which includes additional feature
-- Pick whatever of the three you have allowed to make appearance on Skyrim
-- An easier time to uninstall the mod

Skyrim, Make sure your game is up to date! ( when the mod is created)
Dragonborn DLC
(Recommended)SkyUI for MCM menu

How to Install
Drop both .bsa and .esp files in your data folder, enable them and you're set!

How to Uninstall
I would recommend you not to remove it, since the mod involves script and scripts are known to leave footprints and will try to execute the non-existent scripts removal, which will cause problems in the long run.
If you really want to remove it, however, there are two ways to do it:
1. If you don't have SkyUI, to make sure things don't get weird, travel to Solstheim, and type "stopquest RenderUntoSolstheim" without the quotation mark in the console. Then save your game, remove the mod, and you're good to go!
2. If you have MCM, you can just click the "Disable the mod" option in the menu. Then save your game, remove the mod, and you're good to go!

If there are any mods you use that alters the following level lists, then this mod will cause trouble to them:


TL;DR version of the list:

Anything that makes changes to bandit's equipment level list and male Draugr with one-handed melee weapon's list will have problem with this mod.

NOTE: If the mod you are using is tempering with bandit's equipment level list and male Draugr with one-handed melee weapon's list THROUGH script, it will have problem. If not, you should be fine. Please do not hesitate if you are unsure about a mod, and I'll check and let you know whenever I can.
Known Issue
Aside from what has been covered in the Compatibility section, I would like to remind you not to install too many mods that involves script at once.
If you installed, say, 10 mods that uses scripts and quest for it to work, this mod may start rather late, and if you are happen to be somewhere affected enemies would spawn, the mod may not start up in time before the cell is loaded.
This is not a big deal, since the mod will kick in eventually, and every would work as intended after that.

Let me know before hand if you want to use it on anything.

Credits & Thanks
Bethesda for creating this game, and the Creation Kit.
Nexus for hosting countless wonderful mods, which inspired me
SkyUI team for their wonderful UI