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See my Dawnstar Sanctuary mod for a revamped base and better followers.

This is a revision of the Dark Brotherhood followers including the spectral assassin and the two initiates you get for completing the Dark Brotherhood questline.

The point of this mod is to make the followers more visually appealing and useful without being overpowered and unbalancing.


Removes the 24 hour cast timer and assigns the spell to the voice key. Also changes his name to Spirit of Lachance and the spell to "Summon Spirit of Lachance." Changes default outfit to something more similar to what he wore in Oblivion and switches out his steel dagger for a dumbed down version of the Blade of Woe (slightly better than the steel dagger). Also gives him a bow and arrows for fighting dragons.


Gives each initiate a unique name and slightly improved appearance, plus unique abilities/weapons so they aren't total generic clones of each other.

Boris Black-Heart is a simple Nord assassin who fights with dagger and carries a special bow called "Shadowhunt." You can remove it from his inventory if you don't like it or if you want it for yourself. It's enchantable and upgradeable and can't be knocked out of your hand (in case you come across any of those nasty shouting Draugr etc). But don't expect any custom models. I mean this is Shadowhunt, afterall. It looks like Gaulders Blackbow, which appears to look like a regular drauger bow. And it's stats are the same as a forsworn bow, but you can upgrade it and give it any enchantment you want. Boris' arrows look like ebony arrows but they're not as strong. However, he'll use any better arrows you give him. Also, he doesn't wear that stupid hood anymore, but he will if you give him one.

Vivienne Valtieri is patterned after a speaker for the black hand and wears the same style outfit as Lachance, except she's not a ghost and shrouds herself in a black mist when she sneaks. She's a diminutive Breton butcher who will instill her enemies with Fear or Paralyze them with terror depending on your level. She'll also protect herself with mage armor and if she drops her dagger (or if you take it from her inventory, she can replace it with a conjured sword). She also carries a special dagger called Shimmerstrike that you can take if you want and upgrade and enchant. Again, no custom model. It looks like a Blade of Woe and has stats same as an Ebony Dagger. But it's like a blade of Woe you can enchant (and rename). She uses a bound bow.


If you like the changes I made but you want the initiates to be nonessential or protected, just open the mod up in the construction set and find the actor, either DBinitiate1 for Boris or DBinitiate2 for Vivienne. Double click on them and uncheck the box marked "essential". Check the protected box if you want them to behave like normal followers or leave them both blank if you want them to be able to die.

If you Don't like the shadowcloak thing Vivienne does go to the inventory tab and change the default outfit to aaLucienLachance in the dropdown menu (it's the first one at the top). If you want Boris to shadowcloak choose aaShroudedArmor as a default outfit or aaShroudedBlackRobes if you want him to wear Viviennes outfit.

If you want Lachance to wear his default robes, do like above. Choose DBspectral assassin and select DBshroudedrobes as a default outfit.


It's not a bug but if you already have the initiates then you'll need to reset them. Take anything you want to keep from their inventory then open console, click on the initiate and type resurrect, then hit enter.

Also not a bug but I'm sure someone will complain. Other than Shadowhunt from Boris and Shimmerstrike from Vivienne, all weapons and armor are hidden. So if you want them to wear different armor or use different weapons you'll have to give them something better. But really, what's better than a Black Robe that shadowcloaks?


Set up for NMM.