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Version 1.0
Requires Dawnguard


Darkwater Sanctuary is inspired by The Elder Scrolls Oblivion plug-in Vile Lair which was better known as Deepscorn Hollow. This mod is almost a spitting image of the original plug-in of Oblivion but with a great many differences. I bring back most of the features from Deepscorn Hollow and allow the player to upgrade the dungeon from an empty husk into a large player home lair. There are many features which will keep the player occupied for a few hours and there are many of the old items and eggs from Deepsocrn Hollow hidden within the lair. Anyone looking for a place for their necromancer character or vampire to hide will find this lair very useful.

Those of you who have played Caranthir Tower can expect much of the same style and player home features in this mod.


The Dawnguard DLC is required for this mod along with the latest Skyrim patch and I also recommend that you have the latest version of Skyrim running on your machine. The mod will look at its best while using the Realsitic Lighting Overhall mod by Sydney666

Highlighting Features

- Large player home dungeon
- Restore the dungeon to its former glory
- Lots of storage
- Customizable interior
- New followers
- New items
- Create your own blood potions
- Creature fighting pit
- Recruit members for your lair
- Create beverages
- Animal Companions

How to find the sanctuary

Darkwater Sanctuary is located down the river from Darkwater Crossing which is a mining village in the Rift hold. Upon arrival at the Darkwater Ruins you will find a dead hunter with a note next to his body giving a hint on how to gain entry to the lair. Once you gain access to the lair the mod should follow you through from there and you can begin to explore and restore it.

Areas edited with this mod
- There have been portals placed in the void of the Soul Cairn, Nightingale Hall, Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary, Castle Volkihar and the Ragged Flagon. Hopefully this should not cause a conflict with other mods changing these areas, if it does then try having DWS at the bottom of your load order or have it load after the mod it has a conflict with.
- Darkwater Crossing Exteriors have also been edited to include some building structure associated with Darkwater Sanctuary

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