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Added: 29/04/2013 - 01:11PM
Updated: 26/02/2014 - 04:00PM

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Before downloading anything, read the whole description.

The new ashstorm weathertype introduced by Dragonborn has the Snow classification. This causes any mod that uses the IsSnowing condition - such as GetSnowy - to think it's snowing, when it isn't.
This mod switches the ashstorm's classifaction to Cloudy.

Obviously this is incompatible with any mod that edits Dragonborn's ashstorm weathertype.
This is also incompatible with WetandCold - Ashes. This mod not only relies on IsSnowing to return true to determine when to equip ashstorm gear on NPCs, but also introduces a couple of new ashstorm weathers that have the snow classification.

If you want to use WetandCold - Ashes with GetSnowy, you should not use this mod. Instead go check out the guide I've uploaded for instructions on how to make the two compatible. It's a very simple edit. All you need is TES5Edit, the Creation Kit and a working brain.

I will not edit GetSnowy's plugin for you and reupload it, so please don't even bother asking.

GetSnowy by trebtreb
Wet and Cold by isoku