Immersive and Varied Dungeons of Skyrim by Jacody
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What this mod does:

Replaces the Draugr in some of their crypts with a variety of soon-to-be lore-friendly creatures.

Each dungeon will have a creature-type "theme" so that giving it a backstory will make more sense ITF.

Important things to consider:

Bringing at least one (essential) follower with you.

Choosing the easy ESM:

This mod makes gameplay much harder. The normal version will require a dungeon raid-esque mindest to play through successfully. That means LOTS of preparing before you ever step foot in the dungeon and coming with multiple followers who've also been prepped. That is, stocking up on potions, getting a good set of armor and a good weapon, maybe grinding a little to level up your skills, making sure all of your followers are set to essential, and just generally doing anything else you can think of to prepare yourself.

And even then, the "Easy" version is still pretty hard, and you'd be smart to do just a little prepping with it(maybe just stocking up on potions), too.

What's to come in future updates:

Creatures from Dragonborn and Dawnguard (with lore-friendly explanations for why they are there if neccessary). Because Skyrim deserves a few Werebears, at least.

Fully fleshed out back story for the majority of reworked dungeons and basic lore for all of them which also makes each dungeon lore and logic friendly (see Bleak Falls Barrow for an example)

Enemy patrols to give the dungeons more life (and challenge).

Completely new dungeons, possibly.

Ways you can help out:

Download this mod and play with it. Report any bugs/glitches you find to me.

Senior modders who would like to help out with the development with this mod should PM me. Really though guys, this is my very first mod, and I need all the help I can get.

Got a suggestion? Don't be afraid to put it in the comments!

Finished Dungeons:

Bleak Falls Barrow


Dead Man's Respite

Dustman's Cairn

Forsaken Cave

Yngol Barrow


Arcwind Point

Forel Host

Geirmund's Hall

Will not be covered by this mod: