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Added: 28/04/2013 - 03:28PM
Updated: 23/02/2014 - 04:15PM

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Last updated at 16:15, 23 Feb 2014 Uploaded at 15:28, 28 Apr 2013

Uploaded 1.5.8:

-Reduced Image based lighting amount
-Sunrise and sunset is now better
-Lots of other small changes to make it look better.

I have removed the -WIP- from the title as i dont have much time to myself these days, and i dont think i will be able to improve much on this latest version.

Sorry i havnt had time to take screenshots.

Feedback is welcome - i will try to answer all feedback when i can.

Hope you like what i have done with this version ;) For best results, please make sure to set 'ingame' brightness to 3 above zero...


Update: 1.5.3 Up

Minor modfications:

Added blur to distant terrain/mountains, which gives a greater sense of distance.

Slight saturation reduction.

Other small tweaks.

Added a few new screenshots - again they are misleading, it looks better in-game.

Any and all feedback is appreciated, would be nice to know if you think im going in the right direction with this.


Update: Uploaded 1.5.2

Note: This is still not finnished, and i find i am having less time to configure the settings, so i am just uploading what i have done so far. There are still issues that need resolving, but i dont have the time.

Lots of small changes. I am now quite happy with daytime settings, still not perfect but looks better than before i feel.

Hope you like it better than 1.5, days especially are more realistic imo.

Important - Set in game brightness to 3 above zero


UPDATE: 1.5 is uploaded!!!


- Now CoT compatible (at least i have been configuring with CoT installed)
- Almost a complete overhaul
- Nights are brighter... although i am still not happy with them.
- Colors are a bit more saturated
- Better overall lighting, IMO
- Better interiors (mostly)
- Fire gives off more light in both interiors and exteriors
- Fire flames are brighter
- Water is a bit brighter
- More natural sky
- Clearer image
- Tweaked DoF, now a bit less intense

Known issues:

- Day to Night transitions and vice versa are a bit messed up, i am unsure of how to fix this.
- During transition both interiors and exteriors can get very dark, again i dont know how to fix this.
- Some weather types can be a bit dark.
- Shadows get brighter when facing certain directions, this is a bug with Skylighting in ENB and something i cant fix.

Please use 1.5 with ENB version 0.168. Also you should set in-game brightness to 2 notches above zero....

NOTE: May be another slight performance loss compared to 1.2...

I recommend you install these mods for added immersion:

- Dat Grass - (Bit of a performance loss but worth it)
- Skyrim HD - 2K Textures, Towns -

Pease leave a comment and let me know what you think, also please report any issues you have that i have not already mentioned above. Hope you like what i have done.

Ps. I havnt configured a performance preset this time round, but i will get around to it when i have the time.


Update: Added preview screenshots of 1.5 release.

Reality Vision 1.2 is live:

I will state now that performance in 1.2 is a bit less than 1.0, but if you have a beast of a rig... :P


- Has a slightly different look, reduced the amount of white bleaching in the image, while still maintaining a similar brightness level. Im not saying it looks better than 1.0 - just a bit different...

- Now with SMAA from SweetFX

- Luma Sharpening

- Lighter Nights (Hopefully)

- Slightly enhanced colors

- Maybe slightly darker shadows - but certainly not black

There is now an optional performance preset for those who dont own Supercomputers... :P

Hope you like what i have done, if not leave a comment letting me know why - but try to be constructive if possible.

Note: I have not fully tested 1.2 so there may be issues - particularly with night/day detection as ive been having problems with that.

Reality Vision ENB

These are my personal ENB settings that i am calling Reality Vision.

I have tried many ENBs, and while some are better than others i just felt that none looked realistic, either they where super bright, super dark or both at the same time. Sure some ENBs give a nice high contrast look, but that is not how your eyes view the world - your eyes are NOT cameras.

So this is my attempt to try and create something that is comparable to what your eyes see, while at the same time also giving something that is aesthetically pleasing but not over the top.

What you get with this ENB:

-Nights and dungeons are dark - not so dark that everything is black, but darker than a lot of other ENBs.

- Colors are nicely saturated as they are in real life - i have seen a lot of ENBs that claim to look realistic but all the colors look washed out, or are way over saturated.

- Low bloom amount. Although it can look nice, bloom is not realistic, especially when used in excess.

- I have tried to create a balance between light and shadow, to hopefully give a more natural looking image.

- Very subtle adaptation, dont expect to walk into a dark area and have everything suddenly get a lot brighter, or walk into a bright area and have everything darken suddenly, this is not how your eyes work so nor does this.

- Personaly tweaked version of Matso's DOF (Credit to Matso for the original) which gives distant terrain a slight blur, which in some cases gives an 'almost' 3D effect.

- Days are bright, as they should be.

- SMAA & Luma Sharpening (v1.2)

This is my first ENB, and is also still a WIP (Work In Progess), not everything is perfect yet.

Please check out the screen shots i have uploaded, try it out and let me know what you think. Obviously it will not be to everyones taste, perhaps especially those who like skyrim to have a cold look - a look which i personaly dont like.

Note: The screenshots were originaly .bmp files and then converted to JPG. Because of this the screenshots can be somewhat misleading and appear a bit washed out - but it looks better in-game IMO...


Please back-up your own enb before installing this one...

Note: You will need to download the .DLL file from the official ENB website ( as i cannot include the file here. Make sure to USE v0.157.

To install download the .rar file, unpack and place contents into your main Skyrim folder (where Skyrim.exe is located), overwrite if prompted.

Set In-game brightness to 2 notches above zero.

OTHER MODS YOU WILL NEED (If you want your game to look like the screenshots):-

- Revamped Exterior fog -
- Flora Overhaul: Summer Edition -
- Brown Mountains and Rocks -
- Towns and Villages Enhanced - Riverwood -

All comments are welcome, but try to keep them constructive if possible - so if you dont like it say why, maybe its something i can fix. Also please leave a comment if you have any suggestions.

NOTE: I am using a CALIBRATED Dell 2709w, so if your monitor is not calibrated then your game may look slightly different eg. shadows may appear darker than they should be.

Also i did not do this ENB with performance in mind, so there may be some FPS loss...