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Location West of whiterun (Check pictures for map) Fast travel enabled look for the hut icon

Recommend Class Type for mod: : Hunter/Archer/Warrior/Barbarian/Any

Welcome to one of my old mods that i have stripped back to give you a free player home
with no interior loading cells,this is a living space for your char made out of cages and lots
of static decorative items.There is the usual wardrobe,dresser,storage barrel and coffin for all
your items,behind the cage is a cooking area and a small blacksmiths with some mining ores.
also there is a merchants cart with some leveled items in the back.This is a very different but
nice starter living space with simple but different features that is ideal for most builds,it is
located between the western watchtower and whiterun.

Cage storge chest across from main cage
Wardrobe in upper cage & Blacksmiths gear
Rack of game (Pheasents,rabbit)
Cooking area
Small smithy
Storage barrel & Coffin
Alchemy table
Mining ores
Strongbox of supplies
Armor & Weapon

Thanks for looking...