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Last updated at 3:51, 1 Mar 2014 Uploaded at 4:13, 27 Apr 2013

basically what this does is let you skip the Thieves Guild quest line by killing Brynjolf and makes essential NPCs killable when they are no longer needed for a quest

here is a list of what this does:

lets you kill Brynjolf instead of framing Brand-shei

disables the Stone's of Barenziah until "Loud and Clear" (TG02) is set to stage 30, therefore making (TGCrownMisc) and (TGCrown) unable to start before joining the guild

disable the Silver Mold in Pinewatch until you join the guild

gives an alternative Objective in "A Cornered Rat" (MQ202) instead of asking Brynjolf (sorry no quest marker, just go to riften and ask Keerava and/or Vekel...or go straight to Esbern)

disables Arondil's 4 Journals until the quest (FreeformRiften21) starts

killing Brynjolf before "A Chance Arrangement" (TG00) starts/ends will unlock Brinewater Grotto, Thieves Guild headquarters, Goldenglow Estate, Honningbrew Meadery, Snow Veil Sanctum, Calcelmo's lab, Irkngthand, Mercers house(shoot the ramp) and most of the Twilight Sepulcher (last door is locked)

the following become killable immediately after killing Brynjolf
Olfrid Battle Born
Mercer Frey
Sabine Nytte

Enthir is killable after completing:
"Onmund's Request" (MGRAppOnmund01)
"Arniel's Endeavor" (MGRArniel04)
killing Brynjolf before "A Chance Arrangement" (TG00) starts/ends or completing "Under New Management" (TGLeadership)

Delvin Mallory is killable after:
killing Brynjolf before "A Chance Arrangement" (TG00) starts/ends
completing "Destroy the Dark Brotherhood!" (DBDestroy) or "Where You Hang Your Enemy's Head" (DarkBrotherhoodSanctuaryRepair)

extra stuff:

lets you fail the paarthurnax quest by killing the blades (kill Alduin first)
makes the greybeards killable after completing the quest........YOU SUCK :'(

note: if the quest is already running when you installed this mod open the console and type "setstage mqpaarthurnax 35" to make the blades killabe (but only if Alduin is dead)

killing Grelka will allow Madesi to move into the Bunkhouse

fixed Madesi's broken dialogue branch about his name (the uskp only fixed half of it)

Wujeeta is essential until her quest is done (so you can become thane in the rift)

multiple dialogue condition changes to stop immersion braking conversations (like talking about dead npc as if they were alive)

Biger Dawnstar Sanctuary

makes the jarls, staff and officers of the losing side of the civil war killable after the war

Faleen or Yngvar are Essential untill "The Book of Love" is done

Balgruuf is only killable after The Whispering Door quest is done

Black-Briar family is killabele after:
completeing the Civil War on the Stormcloaks side
killing Brynjolf before "A Chance Arrangement" (TG00) starts/ends or completeing "Under New Management" (TGLeadership)
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