Als Revakzoor - Lair of Mythic Dragons - Unfairly Difficult Mod by AlCiao
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AL'S REVAKZOOR - Requires Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLC

Are you one of those gamers who is constantly seeking a greater challenge from Skyrim? You've dominated Deadly Dragons and obliterated Oblivion Gates, and still hunger for more?

This mod is for you.

The ruins of an ancient Nordic dwelling known as Revakzoor lie on a cliff overlooking the Northshore Landing, behind Castle Karstaag, on the island of Solstheim. Six - you heard me, six - Mythic Dragons haunt this remote location. Mythic dragons are a step up - a BIG step up - from Legendary Dragons (which were added by the Dawnguard DLC).

But, should you survive, there is great treasure waiting for you within Revakzoor. And the dragons themselves are richly laden with five times the amount of loot other dragons drop. Go forth, Dovahkiin, and prove yourself the greatest of all dragons - if you can.


Q: Just what are Mythic Dragons?

A: There are a type of dragon upgraded from Legendary, created by myself for this mod. They are 1.3x the player's level, with a minimum level of 99, with a +2800 health offset. They have the same Drain Vitality and Fire/Frost Breath shouts as a Legendary dragon, as well as the Unrelenting Force shout all dragons possess. In addition, they have a perk that does extra damage, above and beyond the similar perk Legendary Dragons have. They possess 50% resistance vs. each type of elemental damage (fire, frost, and shock).

Most importantly, there are six of them.

Q: This mod is too hard!

A: The title of the mod includes the words "Unfairly Difficult". If you download this mod despite that ominous moniker, don't complain. ;)

Q: Have YOU beaten this without cheating?

A: Haven't tried. I prefer to design difficult challenges than to undertake them. :dance:

Q: The game freezes when I go to loot a dead Mythic Dragon!

A: Nope, it just takes a few seconds for the game to generate 5 times the leveled Death loot other dragons have. Be patient, shouldn't take more than a few seconds.

Q: I beat this mod! :woot:

A: Without cheating?

Q: Yup!

A: In that case, congratulations! Do post a comment sharing your victory! Screenshots also welcome.


Al's Completionist Series:
1. Al's TREASURE VAULT -- Now you have a place to store all your gold and have it display as treasure!
2. Als Paragon Reward Chest -- little mod rewarding the completionist player who collects all 5 Paragons
3. Als Konahrik -- little mod rewarding the completionist player who collects all vanilla dragon priest masks with a previously missing boss fight
4. Als Treasure Map Reward -- little mod rewarding the completionist player who collects all 11 Treasure Maps in vanilla Skyrim
5. Als Vault of the Old Slayer -- Requires All 10 Dragon Claws -- modestly sized dungeon rewarding the completionist player who collects all Dragon Claws in vanilla Skyrim with fantastic amounts of treasure

Al's Powers and Abilities:
1. Al's Thunder Smite -- Insta-Kill Enemies, and ONLY Enemies
2. Al's Eclipse Bloodcurse -- Tired of shooting arrows at the sun? Now you can get a true eclipse (including removed sun damage) as a power
3. Als Shadow Walk - Automatic Invisibility While Sneaking
4. Als Shout Like a Dragon - Dragonlike Cooldowns -- Now you can shout as often as dragons can!

Al's Conveniences:
1. Al's Elsweyr Rift -- Teleport to and from a one stop shop for selling loot and crafting items from anywhere!
2. Al's "Nothing Sells for Zero Gold" Tweak -- I bet you're tired of picking up loot that sells for nothing. So am I
3. Als Thuum of the Magesmith -- Keep the benefits of your enchanted and smithed items even when you switch outfits for a different look!
4. Al's -Get 80 Perk Points and All Skills 100- Cheat Ring

Al's Dungeons:
1. Al's Dead Dragon Giant Camp -- Just as dragon lairs and giant camps are quick and easy (relatively) stops for a rich haul, so is this!
2. Als Vault of the Old Slayer -- Requires All 10 Dragon Claws
3. Als Revakzoor - Lair of Mythic Dragons - Unfairly Difficult Mod -- A lair laden with treasure, and guarded by six lethal dragons.

Al's Three Stone Watch -- Lore friendly, non-cheaty, humble starter home

Al's Starry Armor and Clothing Retextures

Al's Virility - Nude Male - PC Only (Adult Content; NSFW)