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So you've maxed out enchanting? Possibly Smithing and Alchemy too? Great! Now you can do practically anything! Fortify any skills 160%, get to 80% damage reduction with armor, etc. But wait! Isn't it annoying having to constantly switch out between different sets of items for different situations? It certainly is for me! And what about when I get my armor rating maxed out? Daedric armor is cool, but it gets old after a while. I want to customize and vary my character's look!

So I created Thu'um of the Magesmith. Have a constant ability to maintain full damage reduction and skill fortification at all times, leaving you free to wear whatever you want! I switch between all sorts of armor sets as the mood strikes me: mage robes, Forsworn armor, glass armor, Nordic carved armor, etc etc.

The Thu'um of the Magesmith ability grants you the following:

1. 80% damage reduction
2. Destruction spells are cast for zero magicka cost.
3. Fortify Archery +140%
4. Fortify Lockpicking +140%
5. Fortify One Handed +140%
6. Fortify Pickpocket +140%
7. Fortify Sneak +140%
8. Fortify Two Handed +140%

To get this ability, you MUST have the Alchemy, Enchanting, and Smithing skills all maxed out at skill level 100. Once you meet those prerequisites, the Gem of Aetherial Thu'um will appear as a crafting option under the Jewelry menu of all Blacksmith Forges. The ingredients required are a Daedra Heart, a Black Soul Gem, and a Dragon Bone.

Once you have made the Gem of Aetherial Thu'um, simply equip it. The ring will disappear from your inventory, and the ability "Thu'um of the Magesmith" will be added to your Active Effects menu!


Q: This is a cheat!
A: Eh, sort of. To me, it's more of a convenience. It is MORE than possible to get even LARGER effects from maxed out crafting skills; this mod is simply a way to allow yourself to wear different outfits just for the way they look, without sacrificing the magical enhancements. Also, note that this ability DOES require your crafting skills to ALL be MAXED OUT.

Q: Why aren't any Armor skills modified?
A: You have 80% damage reduction from the Thu'um of the Magesmith. More armor isn't going to help at that point.

Q: Why is Destruction the only magical school fortified? Why isn't such and such another skill fortified?
A: I chose the exact effects based on my playstyle, as this mod was made for myself, merely shared with the community.

Q: Can I make multiple Gems of Aetherial Thu'um?
A: Yes, but there's no point. They cost nothing, so you can't get any gold for them, and the the magical enhancements will NOT stack.

Q: Those crafting requirements are too steep!
A: They're for balance. If you really want the ability straight away, use the command console to add the "Thu'um of the Magesmith" ability to yourself with the player.addspell command.

Q: This mod is so cool!
A: Thanks! I love it when people leave comments telling me so. ^-^


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