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UPDATE IMMINENT. This mod will recieve an update. Please delete all files accociated with my mod if you have it downloaded before downloading the new version, because I've compressed and/or removed stuff that has yet to be used in it. Info now posted before update.
DELAYED A BIT EXTRA, fine-tuning navmeshes and fixing up Dragonblight and Crystalsong a bit so you can take companions there.

The Lich King, come to Skyrim to bring his freezing rule over one and all, showing all the justice of the grave, and the true meaning of fear! Venture out to Northrend, and either vanquish, join or replace the Lich King!

"It's begun. Young heroes, I was once like you.
You have come to this place, seeking truth to the legends of the damned.
You will venture deep into forgotten lands.
You will see wonders beyond imagening.
But, be warned. The land itself will rise up agianst you!
Long forgotten terrors will somther your courage!
Sacrifice everything... as the final darkness falls...
In the end, all that awaits you is death.
Only then will you understand,
you've been following in my footsteps all along.
So come then, you heroes! Come in all your power and glory!
For in the final hour, all must serve... the one... true... KING!"

Welcome, one and all to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Wrath of the Lich King, a mod that aims to bring a full questline and a whole continent, frozen over, where the dead roam, death befalls the living, and evil lurks behind every corner, cliff, ice crevasse and every wall! Or almost.

This mod will eventually include a downsized and slightly altered Northrend, but it still goes after most of the map layout from WoW. Currently, this is available.

The Regions
Dragonblight: Wyrmrest Temple(both incomplete, Wyrmrest has no interior yet)
Carrion Fields/Wintergarde Fields, a fort near the fields, and Wintergarde Town, where New Hearthglen would be - due to the proximity, they all belong to the same township instead, no NPCS there yet.
Crystalsong Forest: Partially completed, normal forest largely finished, crystal/magic part with the city still under construction. Has an entrance up north into Icecrown.
Icecrown Glacier: The FULL GLacier and most surrounding paths completed, fully Navmeshed, almost everything is completed here - the walls, the gates, the cathedral, Sindragosa's Rest, and ICECROWN CITADEL ITSELF, all with working interiors! Still subject to reconstruction and alterations to improve mod functionality.

Undead Scourge (Editor ID IcecrownFaction) with a lot of undead in it. Skeletons, Draugr, Acolytes, Necromancers, Liches, and FROOOST WYYYYYRRRMMMSSSS.
Acolytes... blech, no more need be said.
Skeletons and Draugr, with more or less Nord Armor.
Banshee's, or Wisp Mothers, with loads of Frost Magic.
Necromancers, can raise the dead and conjure additional skeletons.
Liches, a few of them, loads of Ice and Death Magic.
Death Knights, weilding rune armor.
Frost Wyrms, flying skeletal dragons puking ice and cold on you in massive amounts! (Glitching through terrain and buildings, currently disabled from the mod until fixed. You can still spawn them with console commands.)

Lord Marrowgar, waiting at the bottom of the Spire, just as you enter. Keyholder.
Level is scaled 1.15 with the player, 1500 extra health, has a some ice magic and a shout, can heal himself when near death.

The Devourer of Souls, located in the Forge of Souls. Bonus boss for now.
Level is 1.25 of the player, lots of magic, summons other seekers as well. Summons a horrible blizzard. Triggered by activating three puzzle pillars. (not sure it works yet, so having an extra boss spawned already.) Located in the Forge of Souls.

THE LICH KING. You can go all the way up inside the citadel, and reach him through portals. The Frozen Throne is partially designed after WoW, partially after the throne from Warcraft 3. He does not aggro automatically, and does not help anyone in the faction. FINAL BOSS. Insanely powerful, has Miraak Shouts and more, a custom, titanic BLIZZARD spell.
Level: Scales 1.50 with the player, always being stronger. Frostmourne does insane damage.
Has 2500 extra HP at all levels, tons of Magicka and Stamina, a TRUE Boss, and definately harder than Miraak.

Mord'Rethar Tower, Aldur'Thar Tower, Shadow Vault (literally to be a prison later on and mining caves, old dwemer ruins below the surface)
The Frozen Halls, where the Spire is. It connects to the Halls of Reflection, and The Forge of Souls.
The Halls of Reflection has an ice tunnel, and also leads to a puzzle room with a nice big hall of wonders. Also leads to player/LK quarters, and the Wrathgate.

I've added a few custom spells using Vanilla effects and all that, minimal outside material - I've only added a pair of armour sets as a startoff for all the custom stuff that is likely to be added later as the mod grows into a player-made DLC, if it isn't one already.

Credits to Jojjo and others for the enlarged Lich King armour set and Frostmourne
Telthalion, original creator of the Witchplate Armour set which I use for the Death Knights
Blizzard for World of Warcraft, WC in overall, and WotLK
Bethesda and Zenimax for Skyrim
And myself, for actually being THEE first one to actually create a proper Icecrown Citadel mod! (yeah, some self-gloryfying is needed here... haha!)

Skyrim (D'uh!)
Update ESM (Mod uses updates for the game extensively for balancing out lag)
Dawnguard DLC for the extreme usage of Castle Volikhar objects
Dragonborn DLC for the extreme usage of Apocrypha objects

If you're missing either of these two DLCs, the game will instantly crash whenever you try to load a game, or start a new one!