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NOTE: The mod maybe need the Unofficial Skyirm Patch to function properly, and the Update ESM is of course needed. Just so people are prepared.
NO, this is not hte cause for the crashing, if it was the crashing would've begun over 1 year ago, after the 3.1 update, when I myself added it to make Skyrim itself run more smoothly - I've added an object to my mod which the USPatch changes/edits. Hamless. Until 2 weeks before New Year - thats when I last played Skyrim with my mod running and not causing a Main Menu Crash To Desktop. So I got it narrowed down at least - but still deleting half the mod just in case. Better safe than sorry.

Mod Versions currently Available
1: Skyrim - Wrath of the Lich King 3.1 - The fully functional, but outdated, version. May cause mild lag or game instability. Missing textures for Lich King and other NPCs I've added, you may have to try and fix this on your own, since I am busy fixing the latest version.
2: Skyrim - Wrath of the Lich King 4BUG - The latest and previously most stable version, lag free, but when I added it on New Years Eve - ironic, isn't it? - the mod caused Skyrim to crash at the Main Menu of the game. Can be viewed safely by opening the mod for editing in the Skyrim Creation Kit. YOU NEED TO EDIT THE SKYRIMEDITOR INI FILE TO LOAD MORE THAN ONE ESP AND ESM. Google how to do it, I forgot how, sorry.
3: Skyrim - Wrath of the Lich King Beta 2 - A 2 years-old version in the first Northend Worldspace. May cause periods of intense FPS drops and lagging, landscape layout extremely inaccurate, horribly outdated, little to no custom objects and textures exist in this version.

Stick to 3.1 and Beta 2 versions if you wanna see the older versions without crashing. WARNING: Despite their age and weirdness, they can still cause the game to crash at random, but should not happen too often, if not at all. Given the amount of objects used for the buildings in those versions, the crashing will most likely be caused by insane amounts of objects that the game cannot handle to load. This is why the latest version is TECHNICALLY far more stable. All needed is to fix the Crash issue.

This lined section will be updated as much as possible to keep you appraised of news and changes of plans and/or the mod. The News section may also be entirely removed from the descript section.

I just noticed there are TWO broken files to download.... if they're empty... eeeh, kill me, I'll upload it again later. If not ,at least I got extra backups.

EDIT: Accidental duplicate removed.
(NEW) Adding extra hidden objects for increased detail, restoring removed content (latter only appies to me basically)
WARNING: The coming update will be kinda PERFORMANCE HEAVY if your PC is a little old. I'm cluttering the interior cells of the Citadel with 1st Person Steel Warhammers and Battleaxes to add the impression that the Citadel is partly made of steel/some metal alloy - and naturally, to add some more noticable sharp spikes all over the place. It shouldn't be too much of a performance hit though, since I get no lag on my current PC, which is recently upgraded... by a day. Still, I got no other choice if I want it to look more... malevolent, not until I start designing my own 3D objects, which I can.

I am experimenting with a 3D creator now, using objects exported out of Skyrim and its DLCs for size references, even managed to extract the entire Citadel, somehow, so I am messing around there too now, and I mess around A LOT with it. If it goes well -and I exceedingly stress the IF here! - the Citadel will be updated with my own objects which I plan to be made of Apocrypha Objects and similarly shaped and designed objects, but with a slightly blue-hued Steel texture. But I kinda expect to fail this endevaour for now, but I got something extra to play with.

In any case, people know what I aim for, and if someone wants to help create these objects - either with me, or on their own, I hereby grant permission if you really don't want to ask but prefer to surprise me or something. Contact me if you wish otherwise. I WON'T likely update with my own WIP objects either way, but I'll work on them none the less in the 3D program. If it goes south or I shoot for too big goals, I'll drop it for a while or start it over - I said I am primarily experimenting with it here.

NPCs are being re-added rapidly, the Lich King is back on his throne and there is so much else I've done that I'll just say this - you'll both love and hate it! You'll know why once I announce and prepare the update. But it shouldn't be too long.

NOTE: If you're extra patient and don't download it upon update, Galandil will download it and fix all the f*ckups, f*ckdowns and... fliprights and lefts in the Tamriel Worldspace, and more or less any other vanilla and DLC region I've touched, save for a few deliberate objects I've added just this week to hint at what is to come - Scourge Pillars. I'll spoil that tomorrow or relatively soon with a few screenshots so you know what they look like in advance, but I'll take the pics so you can't see WHERE they're shot. Also, adding the Necropolis for the coming update to, I'll not reveal where though! You'll find it soon enough once I update the fixed version. WARNING: When it is updated, DO NOT GO TO CLOSE. I got a script working... close proximity = you slowly die from a drain. Same one in Twillight Sepulcer that slowly kills you when near one of those lanterns - which goes past godmode, mind you!

Thats all for now!
(OLD) New concepts for the mod!
Provided some group helps me design quests, one new element of the mod will be the Scourge and the Lich King literally invading portions of the Daedric Realms and taking control of a piece of them. At the moment, I am designing a test area which is to be an area of Apocrypha under Scourge Invasion - specifically, a piece of a cell with Apo stuff will be frozen/covered in snow, and icicles hanging down the structures. The starting point of the cell will be a big tower covered in snow and ice. Currently it is door-less so no way to enter once it is added, except via console commands, but I'll post pics once it is finished with its first test stage of appearance. What do you think of this idea?
(OLD) Massive descript change on the way
I've been reading the descript here, and it is VERY conversome! So I am overhauling a copy of it in a Word Document. I'll have the whole thing replaced when its finished, could be tomrrow, could be next month...

Restoration is proceeding ahead very quickly, so I am doing fine here. Thats all for now.
(OLD) Speeding up repairs
Work is rushing here, and I finally got the music to work for me, though default Skyrim music tends to play at the same time, so gotta fix that, but it is not game breaking at least.

Turns out, Frostmourne was ONE of the problems causing the crashing. Edited one of the numerical stats and it apparently was typed with letters as well - I never noticed before, checked the damaged version and that is one of the causes (no, anyone downloading hte broken version can't find it, it is somehow hidden to everyone except me, and I can't view it in the broken version if I download it myself. I broke the mod there, basically). So that is ONE reason fixed - amazed it was possible to break the mod with a few accidental letters... so I am hunting for the other cause of the crash, or causeS.

NOW, I need to pinpoint the locaiton of the Forge of Souls, ON THE WORLD MAP - geographically ,even with shitloads of magic, it cannot be anywhere near the Citadel, but maybe attach it to the Shadow Vault? Or someplace near it, it is after all within the glacier, but still, need help to decide on a fitting entry location. There are pictures uploaded of the ENTIRE GLACIER, so vote on it if you'd like.

As for Halls of Reflection, I'll redesign the main entrance to be a portal in the Citadels Frozen Halls where the Spire is for now... Blizzard never did properly specify WHERE either of the 3 dungeouns were really located, they just... WERE there. Oversight or lack of time, dunno.

I'll keep you posted.
(OLD) Problem possibly fixed.... but don't get too joyful
I deleted everything in my mod except Navmeshes, structures, assembled buildings and the terrain and navmeshes. I can play the game with my mod active! BUT that is only the bug temporarily fixed. Now I am going to restore all my deletions, MANUALLY, by creating and adding it back one piece at a time. Slow work, but safer this way. If the game suddenly crashes again, I know what to look for. Once I have restored enough, I'll prompty update it again.
Not sure if anyone has even attempted to work on my mod now that people have permission to dismantle it, IF they've encountered the crash, but I've begun to delete every custom object, armour, NPC, weapon, Armour Addon, Music, even minor effects. The only thing I will leave in place in my mod are structures and possibly navmeshes, but even the Navmeshes could be causing this problem for me. Seriously, modders, download the latest BUG version and see if your game works with that version active or causes the game to crash. Information is essential here! I promise you, I CANNOT FIX THIS ALONE. No way.

And in case I can't fix this, I'll do two things.
1: Create a NEW mod file, clean, and import the Northrend landscape from the damaged mod version and maybe buildings, or the objects the buildings are made of, so I won't have to start over 100%. And...
2: Roll back to the old version and simply try to copy stuff from the damaged version into the older but functioning version, permitting me to keep a lot of changes instead of erasing them.

Anyone is allowed to create a new version on their own if they wish to help me, and copy all of Northrend's Landscape and the buildings ONLY, and the glacier/iceberg and mountain objects, along with all Apocrypha, Castle(Volkihar), Dwemer (Dragonborn/DLC2/DLC02 version), and all other solid, or activated/Activator and moveable-static objects contained within the latest BUG-version. If it can be saved, it has to be saved.
And don't forget the interior cells the mod adds - they ALL have the label IceCrown in the name. But Weapons, Armour, NPCs and magic labelled with SWotLK or Icecrown is to be ignored, as well as Meshes and Textures this mod uses - any of them could be causing the crash. I am re-downloading all of those things in case one of those files are corrupted or damaged.

I will also reinstall the game cleanly, modfree, then add my own, which I am backing up and storing on my external drive.

I'll keep you posted, possibly once every few days.

The new, damaged version is now available. The game will most likely crash the moment you get to the main menu with the mod active, but any experienced modders, very experienced, or literal glitch/bug hunters now have my permission to comb the entire mod to find the cause of this Menu CTD. If neccessary, here is a standard procedure:
Launch the Creation Kit and load my mod in it. Pay attention to warnings, they might make more sense to you than to me.
Then literally DISMANTLE THE mod a little bit at a time. MAKE A BACKUP BEFORE YOU START CHANGING, or download it from here again.
Then when you've done the small changes, save, start the game normally or via Nexus Mod Manager (tried vanilla Skyrim with only my mod, the crash persists anyway) and if the game keeps crashing, keep dismantling the mod. The moment the game works again with the bug mod, restore the backup or download from here again, then find what you changed that finally worked then change only that. Then either tell me what to do OR ask me for permission to upload it yourself, or just make a hotfix file of it.

So yeah, there ya have it - any modder or modding group and anyone that is willing to try may try all they like to fix this. I am, like I said, primarily skilled in building, and I've obviously changed something by accident that is causing the crashing. I'll start working on this as well tomorrow, now I got a New Years party to attent - hopefully I can relax. If not, I'll go home and take 4 sleep pills and sleep until Sunday. God I hate this...
Good luck!

Great, I've done it again, and I got no idea what causes it, but now having the mod active causes CRASH TO DESKTOP ON START MENU OF THE GAME. I am still updating the mod, so people will likely not be able to play the game, but here is the reason - people are now allowed to work on this mod FREELY to help me find the reason for the crashing! I got no idea at all what exactly causes it, only that it crashes the game the moment the main menu text is supposed to appear. I am going to try and roll back the ESP but keep the other files intact. If the ESP is the cause, the changes should remain in Northrend, but the crash might go away. But please, HELP, help me find help, anything, I need to fix this or I WILL HAVE TO GIVE UP THE MOD ENTIRELY. All for one single glitch in a program that cannot be fixed! I can WORK on the mod, but it kills the game - literally. So, I need help, find help for me in any way, I don't care what the cost might be right now.

I will update right now, BUT, I will also do an experiment on my end - replace the ESP and hope the issue is in there. If it is, well, here is my theory:
THEORY: Bug that causes instant crash is in ESP, I replace with older ESP, but keep current BSA and BSL files. Result: All changes in the mod should remain, in terms of objects and navmeshes.

This is only a theory. If the bug remains after I try this, I will have to roll back and effectively kill all progress I've made... which means I will officially quit this mod. I refuse to rebuild everything AGAIN. So like I said, I REALLY NEED HELP!
I just realized I repeated myself once here... great. I am panicking. I'll keep you posted.

EDIT: ESP is not the cause, the damage is in the BSA or BSL file, I just replaced them with older ones, will delay update after all until I make the mod work with the game for a day more. Either way, will update before the week is out, wether it is fixed or not. After I have updated, anyone willing may try and fix this disaster, cuz I know I can't. And if you can but simply WON'T help, I won't make you or expect you to, its my mod after all, so basically my problem, not yours... except for those that WANT this to work... I really hope someone or a group can help me... and on NEY YEARS EVE to make it worse.

EDIT 2: Never mind, all my available backups of Skyrim - Wrath of the Lich King have this issue, the mod is officially BROKEN. At least on my end. I am updating it now to let people try and play Skyrim with this mod active. I cannot do anything except go into the Creation Kit and find the cause of this. Like I said, not the load order, it is something INSIDE the mod. I will try my best to find the cause, but since I am not experienced with bugs and causes, I am quite sure I will come up empty-handed. BUT... if everyone else can play the mod normally and not crash, then it is just me that has this issue.

EDIT 3: IF the game works for you with this mod, I forgot to add a way to enter Northrend, so you have to use console commands -type "help "citadel" then type "coc" and then Citadel001Entrance or whatever numbers it might be. Hopefully everyone else can play my mod and I just have to reinstall the game. But I won't even work today on it, I'll try to find the reason or narrow it down tomorrow. I did change the attackspeed of Frostmourne, but I've done that before to insanely fast to stupidly slow, so thats probably not it.... but anyone experienced in finding crash causes have my permission to play with the mod - including the new, BROKEN VERSION freely. All restrictions are lifted.

Good luck...
I am rushing the navmeshes like crazy,but I frankly give up. YOU'VE WAITED LONG ENOUGH!
I'll update it during Wednesday (later today) or tomorrow on New Years Eve or New Years Day, no deviation permitted or I'll purposely delete all changes to the mod and do it again to f*ck myself in the head! Anyway, there may be a bit of a lack of navmeshes, but the inner Glacier, or rather, every bit of it covered in ice - the walkable areas - will be navmeshed, and the undead will be EVERYWHERE! So be careful! The NPCs in this mod are not bypassing godmode - YET - but I am working on a specific script that will be triggered whenever you're in Northrend while using GodMode. It works a bit like this, but it is extremely unstable, which is why I am not including it yet:

It detects if you've got GodMode (TGM) active, and promptly makes the NPCs in this mod do HALF of normal damage, which means you'd only be buying yourself time with it. But, since it is so unstable, I cannot implement it for others to use. Thankfully for me, the crashing/freezing only occurs in Northrend. You won't experience it.

As for the update, the Lich King is OP as fick, but not like a GOD, so he is moderately OP - he is a bit like Miraak, but he won't suddenly regen at low health, I can't program a script like that, the TGM bypass is a fluke, hence why... well, I told you. AHEM! The other NPCs are enhanced with 50-200 extra HP depending on level and which NPC it is, Marrowgar has about the same health and power of a level 60 enhanced boss.

So, for the bosses, at least level 40-60 recommended, or you'll die pretty fast without godmode active.
ENJOY when the update is applied!
(OLD) Slight delays... too many games
Been playing lots of new games - new to me at least, but did work a bit today, 26th Dec. And did a mass of size comparisons. The Court of Bones Region, mainly the area between and encompassing Corp'Rethar, Cathedral of Darkness and Icecrown Citadel is large enough to largely fit Solitude or Castle Volkihar in it - which means, the Citadel is one of the largest single structures in the whole blasted game of Skyrim! That is pretty massive. I won't try to make it much larger now, or the game will get upset and lag.

Also, side note - I accidentially made Frostmourne attacks to be insanely quick, but you won't suffer the Lich King smashing you in a few seconds or you killing everyone faster than using the 'kill' on single targets. But may create a duplicate Frostmourne that has insane attackspeed IF you want it.

I'll keep you posted!
Frak me in my frozen bones... I hear the Dragonblight music whenever I am anywhere near it or in the region in my mod, and it is so good but so saddening IT IS CAUSING ME TO GET DEPRESSED. Argh... anyway, added a cavern and its entrance in the north/north-east section of Dragonblight, and navmeshing it as much as I can - decided to generate it in large batches then just do some basic cleaning of it, and delete the mesh were you cant walk.
The new, overhauled Citadel has been placed where the first overhauled - and smaller one - was, and I will upload pictures very soon, including ONE SOLITARY PICTURE of the new cavern - it may give you really uncomfortable chills, so have something warm to drink just in case!

The undead are balanced/annoyingly strong or annoylingly easy to kill. Frostmourne's been given a maddening damage increase, and the charge for the Soul Steal power is now also increased - so you won't run out of power anytime soon if you cheat yourself the sword in the coming update or get it from the Lich King - but that also means he will do a LOT more damage! The Forge of Souls entrance will be somewhere in quarry for Malykriss - The Vile Hold - I am placing it there cuz it makes more sense, and I want it geographically locatable too - in WoW, neither the Forge of Souls, Pit of Saron or Halls of Reflection really have a literal world location relative to the world  of WoW itself, which I find irritating. The Pit of Saron I've not designed yet - the one you guys have is horribly inaccurate, and will not be in the same spot, but I have all objects its made of stored way waaaay to the west of Icecrown, floating in mid-air, so if you find it in the coming update, well, don't go WHUH?! over it.

NECROPOLIS QUESITON: I wanna add it jsut for the looks, but where? Vote on it in comments!
1: Solitude Hold.
2: Whiterun Hold.
3: Winterhold Hold.
4: Windhelm Hold.
5: Riften Hold.
6: Falkreath Hold.
7: Markarth Hold.
8: Morthal Hold.
9: Dawnstar Hold.
Which one would be best? Make most sense? Look best?
I decided to overhaul the Citadel a bit more and other locations, so I outright ended COPYING the whole Citadel Exterior structure and I am still taking it apart and putting it back together, improving it - and it turns out that a lot of older Citadel Versions were still INSIDE the current version! I've been busy moving away objects and finding hundreds of objects inside, not used but still there, taking up precious space and also being the reason for a few issues when my mod is used in the game! Crashes for one - NPCs have been wandering on objects with internal navmeshes, and tried to get onto the current Citadel - after the game couldn't fix it/make it work, lagging, freezing or crashing occured, so that ought to be fixed. And now a question for ya buggers!

NAVMESHING - what kind of navmeshing is best and most balanced/easiest on in-game performance? Auto-generated with fine-tuning and filling in gaps, or building all of it manually? Someone experienced about this, please repsond in comments or send a private message.
Been experimenting, and auto-generating it is somewhat quicker, so I've used that more and more. But still not sure. A reply from someone is needed here, so I know which is best.

SPOILER! The Citadel will be quite a bit taller, and after the update - which I plan to kick out around Christmas Eve/24th, finished or not - you will see.... THINGS around all of Tamriel. Tell me what you think of the DAMNATION PILLARS!

Current issues and questions
1: Don't know yet how to specify specific weather in different exterior cells - all of Northrend cannot have the exact, same weather pattern and sky, it looks dull. I also need to add specific region weather data or something to add a coloured atmosphere and fog into the Glacier, and give it a slightly blue tint. How do I do these things?
Partial Answer: YOU that can mod can do it for me - or, tell me exactly how. Feel free otherwise, to test that out with my mod and tell me how you did it, so I can replicate it.

2: Lag and freeze/crash, as specified further below, still needs a more permanent fix. Please help investigate. NOTE: May be more 'partially fixed' when I finally update it, since I am reconstructing a lot, including the defensive walls across the glacier, to have more large objects instead of countless tiny ones. I CANNOT DO THIS ALONE! I am more for building too, which sort of limits my skills here.

3: Size issues - this cannot and will not be fixed, really - I will NOT, as I've stated before, create anything from WoW in Skyrim of the same size, because it will take INSANE amounts of space in the mod! If not in file size, it will instead take more space in the game, leading to more instances having to be created because you cannot explore it all.

4: Sillingly stupidly boringly dumbingly easy enemies - STILL! I know, it is being RE-FIXED, since I had to start over. Pfft... these things happen.

5: The REASON of Revertion EXPLAINED!
I used TES5Edit to try and clean up the Skyrim worldspace itself, nothing else, but ended up making the Mod incompatible with DragonBorn DLC, corrupting the mod file itself. The result was all DragonBorn DLC objects, actors, items, effects and values being deleted from the mod upon loading it in the Creation Kit, and saving it and closing it from the CK, largely destroying the whole mod for it.  The result was me nearly quitting out of extreme frustration - I've been so for a few months, being sick, ill, and now, having a lingering illness. But not in my stomach, it is in my throat for some stupid reason... But I just TODAY found out (January 9) that it was only in the 'deleted newest version of the mod', so I am using 3.1 as a kickstarter to get everything back into place. Everything should proceed relatively quickly, since I got the whole thing memorized in my head - photographic memory is very useful. ON THAT NOTE; the memory does not work for me in manners of text, but pictures, images and things I see. Imagine me building a Star Destroyer in Skyrim out of stone! I can do it... but I won't. YET. Yes, this IS a threat... he he he.

6: My way of writing stuff at times.
...Aspergers, NEED I SAY MOARE?! I am a bit insane, but it helps.

7: Mod dead? YEAH RIGHT, GO RUN INTO A SPIKED WALL. Not dead, I am going to work my UNDEAD LITTLE ASS OFF FOR YOU GUYS! I promised an update, I was closer to it than hell has a chance to get me, and the mod goes to hell... so I'll work! LIKE. A. FURON!

More News will come as things progress, change, or go insane.

NOTE: Consider the images invalud, unless I manage to replicate it enough as I resume the modding, since I lost all of it a few days back.
It was nicely timed though, since my new PC is up and running... RIGHT AS I WRITE THIS! Yes, caps are neccessary.

QUICK NOTE: The lack of comments in that section as of late is frightening... there is more activity in a graveyard, and a party in a necropolis... FEEDBACK, PEOPLE, PLEASE!

HELP! I added a keyword that makes the Lich King immune to Unrelenting Force... and now I need one that simply prevents enemies from fearing you, aka running away in fright - I just wanna make sure they attack non-stop until destroyed, killed, or if you manage to escape from them. If I deal too much damage, they run away. The undead should not be fearful, they should be frightening everyone else!

UPDATED. Beta 3.1

PLEASE leave comments if you have something you want me to implement or some area designed. I can swap my priorities with relative ease and leet an area remain unfinished and if needed locked off in favour of more desired areas or addons.

You can reach me either on Skype or Steam as DanRage47, or here on the Nexus.
I will keep my email to myself for now.

11: QUESTIONS AND IDEAS (Leave response in comments)
12: <>

This mod will conflict with ANY MOD that alters the region just north-east of the Serpent Stone, like Shadow of Meresis does.
If you wish to use my mod, do NOT downlaod THAT mod. If you WANTto use it, do not download MY mod. Or any other mod that alters that area.
Other than that, I cannot think of anything else that can cause problems for you. Except a very weak PC. Look at my PC specs further down, that is a baseline of what components your PC should be made of.

NOTE: Does not include astethic mods that alter the appearance, detail, texture or colour/details of Skyrim's many objects and textures, those are just to make it look more pretty. Those are fine to download. Try SMIM, Static Mesh Improvement Mod. Does wonders. More recommendations near the bottom of the page.

Writing the lore/story, rewriting it repeatedly I realized... so the mod itself is currently standing still, wanna get the writing done most of all at this point. The story will however be subjected to tweaks, changes and alterations to fit more into the lore. NOTE: How this mod's questline will play out will be massively influenced on how much of the core game and DLCs you've completed! Side quests and activities, including crime status will be included! IF it gets that far, that is...

SECONDARY PROGRESS: Fine-tuning some of the available Northrend, adding more navmeshes here and there in advance, and CLOGGING ICECROWN with enemies! Next update WILL be PAINFUL for you if you are at low level, even using GOD MODE, due to the amount of enemies! If you find it too much, alter your download of the mod if you know how in the Creation Kit, and delete a few of the NPCs in the Render Window - load up Northrend and Icecrown Glacier for that.

OVERHAUL IN PROGRESS! Creating an enlarged Citadel Interior, as many have asked! But not sure when it will be implemented, so it may be a few updates before it is done.
ONLY ONE INTERIOR CELL IS GETTING ENLARGED: The Frozen Halls, containing the ICECROWN SPIRE, Lord Marrowgar and the many entry points to the other parts of Icecrown Citadel! This will not be included in the next update directly, but you can use the coc command to travel to it and enjoy a preview. I'll post pictures to show comparisons of the currently available Frozen Halls and the new version. It will be about 50-70% larger compared to the current one... and since almost all interiors in Skyrim and the DLCs are larger than their exterior models, meh, doing the same here. I'll keep the original Frozen Halls interior even if people like the new one better - may find use of it, plus I can easily reverse to the old one if the new one will be less agreeable with you guys.

Overhaul is proceeding with insane speed here, but then again, even though I never managed to play WoTLK myself, it is DISTUBRINGLY accurate given what I am able to use! Pictures to be posted very soon!

To install, either download it manually and extract all the Zip contents into the Data folder, which lies in the Skyrim folder, of course. Or use the Mod Manager, but I warn you, I do not know if it will work.

The Lich King, come to Skyrim to bring his freezing rule over one and all, showing all the justice of the grave, and the true meaning of fear! Venture out to Northrend, and either vanquish, join or replace the Lich King!

"It's begun. Young heroes, I was once like you.
You have come to this place, seeking truth to the legends of the damned.
You will venture deep into forgotten lands.
You will see wonders beyond imagening.
But, be warned. The land itself will rise up agianst you!
Long forgotten terrors will somther your courage!
Sacrifice everything... as the final darkness falls...
In the end, all that awaits you is death.
Only then will you understand,
you've been following in my footsteps all along.
So come then, you heroes! Come in all your power and glory!
For in the final hour, all must serve... the one... true... KING!"

Welcome, one and all to The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - Wrath of the Lich King, a mod that aims to bring a full questline and a whole continent, frozen over, where the dead roam, death befalls the living, and evil lurks behind every corner, cliff, ice crevasse and every wall! Or almost.

This mod will eventually include a downsized and slightly altered Northrend, but it still goes after most of the map layout from WoW. Currently, this is available.

In the current two versions, the old 2.0 series which is more navmeshed but incomplete, you can get to Northrend by boat. There is one with a trapdoor in the ruined village.
For the 3.0 series of this mod, which is soon to be updated, there is a portal on a tower in the village, and once I update it, a tower at the harbour, or inside the castle I am currently constructing. The portal goes straight into Crystalsong Forest, but it is still not navmeshed. So be careful.

Skyrim Additions
Brill - An abandoned, 'scourged' village to the far north-east, close to the Snake Stone.
It has a rather large, floating Necropolis, a pair of Death Knights, a fort - not much in it yet - a Crypt with a few nice rewards near the end, and so on. There is a portal at the docks in Brill that land you pretty much into Icecrown Glacier. Move around carefully, Northrend is not as fully navmeshed as I hoped.

The Regions
Dragonblight: Wyrmrest Temple(both incomplete, Wyrmrest has no interior yet)
Carrion Fields/Wintergarde Fields, a fort near the fields, and Wintergarde Town, where New Hearthglen would be - due to the proximity, they all belong to the same township instead, no NPCS there yet.
Crystalsong Forest: Partially completed, normal forest largely finished, crystal/magic part with the city still under construction. Has an entrance up north into Icecrown.
Icecrown Glacier: The FULL GLacier and most surrounding paths completed, fully Navmeshed, almost everything is completed here - the walls, the gates, the cathedral, Sindragosa's Rest, and ICECROWN CITADEL ITSELF, all with working interiors! Still subject to reconstruction and alterations to improve mod functionality.

Undead Scourge (Editor ID IcecrownFaction) with a lot of undead in it. Skeletons, Draugr, Acolytes, Necromancers, Liches, and FROOOST WYYYYYRRRMMMSSSS.
Acolytes... blech, no more need be said.
Skeletons and Draugr, with more or less Nord Armor.
Banshee's, or Wisp Mothers, with loads of Frost Magic.
Necromancers, can raise the dead and conjure additional skeletons.
Liches, a few of them, loads of Ice and Death Magic.
Death Knights, weilding rune armor.
Frost Wyrms, flying skeletal dragons puking ice and cold on you in massive amounts! (Glitching through terrain and buildings, currently disabled from the mod until fixed. You can still spawn them with console commands.)

Lord Marrowgar, waiting at the bottom of the Spire, just as you enter. Keyholder.
Level is scaled 1.15 with the player, 1500 extra health, has a some ice magic and a shout, can heal himself when near death.
To be added: 6-12k HP, if not even more.

The Devourer of Souls, located in the Forge of Souls. Bonus boss for now.
Level is 1.25 of the player, lots of magic, summons other seekers as well. Summons a horrible blizzard. Triggered by activating three puzzle pillars. (not sure it works yet, so having an extra boss spawned already.) Located in the Forge of Souls.
To be added - Between 9k-17k HP.

THE LICH KING. You can go all the way up inside the citadel, and reach him through portals. The Frozen Throne is partially designed after WoW, partially after the throne from Warcraft 3. He does not aggro automatically, and does not help anyone in the faction. FINAL BOSS. Insanely powerful, has Miraak Shouts and more, a custom, titanic BLIZZARD spell.
Level: Scales 1.50 with the player, always being stronger. Frostmourne does insane damage.
Has 2500 extra HP at all levels, tons of Magicka and Stamina, a TRUE Boss, and definately harder than Miraak.
To be added: around 30k HP or more, making it a true battle for survival! Will also have given the LK NPC non-playable Armour to make him even more truly powerful! HE WILL BE FRAKKING IMMUNE TO UNRELENTING FORCE (FUS RO DAH!), YOU WILL ONLY BE ABLE TO STAGGER HIM.

Mord'Rethar Tower, Aldur'Thar Tower, Shadow Vault (literally to be a prison later on and mining caves, old dwemer ruins below the surface)
The Frozen Halls, where the Spire is. It connects to the Halls of Reflection, and The Forge of Souls.
The Halls of Reflection has an ice tunnel, and also leads to a puzzle room with a nice big hall of wonders. Also leads to player/LK quarters, and the Wrathgate.

I've added a few custom spells using Vanilla effects and all that, minimal outside material - I've only added a pair of armour sets as a startoff for all the custom stuff that is likely to be added later as the mod grows into a player-made DLC, if it isn't one already.

Cameo Objects and Instances
Currently only one: A Dark Anchor recreation from TES:O, will most likely get rid of it though.

1: There seem to be an odd texture error in the game for some that use this mod. Know textures to go missing are that of the Lich King's armor, pauldorns and other pieces, the guards of Soliture or RIften, or any guard uniform, if not all of them. I use a few mods for that though, so the mod might 'covertly' be using those mod resources by mistake. Anyone experienced in this and how to solve it, or possibly solve it, have my permission to experiment with this mod to see if it does cause the issue - which it really shouldn't.
As for the Lich King, try to get the Bigger Badded Lich King mod installed to fully enable all possible textures just to be safe - I have it active, so that might be why I do not have the texture errors, or just having the mod AT ALL. I also suggest that you load the Bigger Badder LK mod just after this one.
2: Crashing/freezing occurs for me sometimes when I get to the Citadel area, where the massive amount of objects begins to strain the GAME more than the computer. Others may have this issue as well. Also occurs if I alter the area too much, but it also has to do with your savegame. One fix is to outright save the game, preferrably in the normal Skyrim world or a DLC area, shut down the game, disable the mod, start the game again and load the last save (with the mod still disabled), then save again, or play a bit first if you like, then shut it all down again, re-enable the mod, and hopefully that will fix it. Not guaranteed to work for everyone.
2b: The Crash/Freeze issue seems to have expanded to more of Icecrown, if not all of Northrend - the game may not be able to handle the mod. Testing everything I can think of to confirm or de-confirm.
3: WimpyWimpyWimpy NPCs - more of an issue with my stats of the enemies. It will be tweaked endlessly until it gets into a 'Balanced OP/UP' state - some enemies are meant to be idiotically easy to kill, acolytes for one. Some will be maddeningly overpowered though, and the Lich King is definately going to be!
4: LAGGING - a more or less permanent problem for everyone, and me as well - your Computer can more or less handle it; it is the GAME ITSELF that gets strained, and cannot run smoothely due to the size of the mod, and the amount of objects I use to create the structures. Icecrown Citadel area is the only real lagfest though, due to the deranged amount of objects used to give it detail. Still experimenting with using other objects to replace the current, smaller ones.
5: Gates not functioning. The majority of large gates are plainly uncompleted. The Wrathgate mechanism however is glitched since my second release, the old Beta-2 release, so I am going to utterly deconstruct and re-build the Wrathgate.

I think this stuff is relevant in a way that since I sometimes lag if I build too much somewhere in my mod, I end up with quite some lag, and the Citadel Area is the most lag-prone part of any mod I can find, which means that my PC - and the game itself - can sometimes barely handle it.
Win 7 64-bit
Intel Core2 Quad CPU Q9400 2.66 GHz
8 GB Random Access Memory (RAM DUH...) (800 MHz, kinda slow but works well enough)
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760

Think of these as MINIMUN REQUIREMENTS for a game. Recommended too, but I'd suggest you have stuff better than what I got.
This is more or less pretty/very good, given the motherboard components are 5+ years old and STILL RUNNING. So if you got parts too far below these listed, then this mod will lag LIKE HELL FOR YOU. Just so you know. Have these parts that I got myself, or better.

Skyrim (D'uh!)
Update ESM (Mod uses updates for the game extensively for balancing out lag)
Dawnguard DLC for the extreme usage of Castle Volikhar objects
Dragonborn DLC for the extreme usage of Apocrypha objects
The mod possibly also needs the Unofficial Skyrim Patch as well, I need it anyway. Dunno why, but I probably use an object the USP edits/changes, which would explain it. NO, that is NOT the cause of the crashing, I've used it for about a year now with my mod - it actually makes the mod more stable - until the crashing began.

Required Mod Measurements
To gain full access to the Brill Village and its fort, and possibly some other things, you must disable the borders in Skyrim, which is in the Skyrim.ini file. Either go here:
That is a simple download-method to replace the .ini file, follow the mods instructions precicely. If you're too lazy, or 'badass' to do it, then you will not be able to access some parts of my mod that lies in the Skyirm worldspace.

If you're missing either of these two DLCs, the game will instantly crash whenever you try to load a game, or start a new one!
I've added some Mist Wall barriers to prevent you from getting lost in empty landscapes of snow and water. DO NOT CROSS THROUGH THEM, not even with noclip/tcl!

Keep within ICECROWN GLACIER and the immediate surrounding paths, do not go into any bordering regions if you wish to use companions; the navmeshes are not completed. You can explore everything alone, Companions will be lost outside Icecrown, at least for a bit - comps reset and teleport to your Player Character after awhile, mainly if you return to Skyrim. Just so you know. Be careful, and enjoy!
Also, Icecrown Glacier did not get fully navmeshed after all - a small oversight.

WARNING: There is a huge hole somewhere in the glacier, please dont fall down.

Recommended Mods
Witchplate, done by Telthalion.
SMIM, or Static Mesh Improvement Mod, by Brumbek. Very nice remake of countless low-res objects, including the anchor chains, walls, chairs, and much more.
And more mods that I can list, no doubt! Experiment with mods that improve the game's look all you want, I guess!

Added in next Beta update:
1: Portions or most of Sholazar Basin
2: NPCs will be a little toughter, or a lot toughter.
3: Bosses will be a lot harder to kill, literally OC! (OverCharged)
4: The Lich King will have 30k hitpoints and will be 100% impossible to push with any form of shout or spell, not even weapons will make him stagger!
5: Forge of Souls missing objects restored, slight reconstruction, may redesign the Soul Engines
6: More Navmeshes will be completed
7: Crystalsong Forest should be completed, or some of it will at least be.
8: Custom Lich King Armor sets, one of which will be unique for the Lich King Boss ONLY. Additional sets should be available as well that can either be forged, looted from containers or just gained via the console. (Hopefully, but will fix the Lich King armor from Purpling)
9: A new, but largely useless version of the Frozen Halls, the first instance which contains the Spire and more. Will be fully implemented in a later update.
10: Plagueworks and Frostwing Halls, maybe even Sindragosa's Lair, connected to the Frozen Halls.
11: The new Frozen Halls will contain only the Spire and the Oratory of the Damned, and will have portals/gateways to the Frostwing Halls and Plagueworks; it cannot be fully fitted into one instance because it is as far as I understand it impossible - the interior size limit cannot fit all the objects and data.
12: Brill completely deleted and area relatively restored into its original condition, or as close as I can recall. A few gold veins, I think, random clutter and rocks.
13: POSSIBLY: New Village added either somewhere in Skyrim [Tamriel Worldspace], or placed in a new, small worldspace if I cannot find a good location.

I will put up questions for people relevant to what I do with the mod here, and if suggestions of mods I should try to use, plus/minus other stuff.
a) Shall I have the PlagueWorks (the west wing) and the East Wing - whatever that may be - in the same cell as the Spire section, or shall I have them in separate interior cells? The thought behind this is to not hamper the performance of the game or computer.
b) Do you think I should ask for/take donations for all this work? Or rather, shall I enable donations at all?
c) Is anyone willing to try and design some things, as in models and textures, for me? I am a little rusty in that field, to say the least.
d) Is there any areas you want me to really finish up for the coming update? Sholazin Basin, Wintergarde Regions, Dragonblight or Crystalsong Forest - pick one I should focus on.
e) Does anyone know of any good, proper necromancer robes or armor mods out there? Already got Crimson Necromancer, so scratch that off the list if you get a list going.
f) --- Seriously, am I the only one that has game freezes/crashes when approaching/looking towards the Citadel from any location that is just outside it's walls, or does anyone else have this issue? Usually happens after I pass the defensive wall behind Aldur'thar and move towards the Citadel, or anywhere between Aldur'thar and Corp'rethar. As soon as it should load, or manages to load, the game largely just freezes up. Music keeps playing, so I assume the freeze is due to the absurd amount of objects that make up the citadel... if anyone is willing, here is a secondary question for that issue.
g) Is anyone willing to take all the objects assembling the entire Citadel main structure, put it into some 3D program, and turn it into one SINGLE MASSIVE OBJECT? I tried - and I get lost within seconds, no idea how to do it. I want you to ask for permission, but if you really feel that you need to, do it without asking - but I prefer being asked first! NOTE: Snow, glow, mist, mist walls and any form of FX or any form of effect objects that are animated do not need to be part of the object structure.

More questions will be added, and depending on progress or answers, they will be completely replaced/removed as they may be overly answered or rendered irrelevant over time.

11: Credits

Credits to Jojjo and others for the enlarged Lich King armour set and Frostmourne
Telthalion, original creator of the Witchplate Armour set which I use for the Death Knights
lagrie, creator of the Crimson Necromancer Robe.
Blizzard for World of Warcraft, WC in overall, and WotLK
Bethesda and Zenimax for Skyrim
And myself, for actually being THEE first one to actually create a proper Icecrown Citadel mod! (yeah, some self-gloryfying is needed here... haha!)

Enjoy! Cincerely
Daniel Ragnå
PS: I have left Band of Brothers Productions. so I am back to solo-working this mod. I doubt I'll get any help anyway for the time being.