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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

It's begun... Young heroes, I was once like you.
You have come to this place, seeking to bring judgement upon the damned.
You will venture deep into forgotten lands.
You will see wonders beyond imagening.
But, be warned... the land itself will rise up against you.
Long forgotten terrors will smother your courage.
Sacrifice... everything.
As the final darkness falls...
In the end, all that awaits you... is death!
Only then, will you understand, you have followed in my footsteps all along.
So come then, you heroes! Come in all your power and glory!
For in the final hour... all must serve...
...the one...


1: Short Descript
This mod aims to add pieces, and eventually, all of Northrend, and much of the relevant structures, regions, enemies, allies and more in an Elder
Scrolls fashion, naturally heavily based and designed after World of Warcraft -
Wrath of the Lich King, due to popular demand and because nobody has ever even
added or made a decent Icecrown-like Citadel to any game, ever.
1: Short Descript
2: Introduction
3: Requirements
4: How to Install/Uninstall
5: Mod Contents
6: Incompabilities and Bugs
8 : Currently Working On
9: Things I Need Help With
10 Contact Information
11: Credits
12: Permissions
2: Introduction
This is my first official mod, so excuse my shortcomings, cluttered descript if that may be the case, and any other issues you may find with me or
the mod. My online name is DanRage47, a rather avid gamer of most genres - RPG,
MMO, FPS, 3PS, RTS. I created this mod originally just because I wanted some
sort of frosty, deathly castle in Skyrim of creepily large proportions, and
over the past 3 years, it has escalated into what it is today.

Please note that much of what is in the description here is not yet added or not functional, as I am still working on it, but I will try to force
in an update/new mod file even if I fail to complete everything I want to before that - think of it as a big apology for me messing up a bit here and
there... or a lot. Please bear with me.
3: Requirements
The mod required the base game, Skyrim, and the Update file to be enabled as well, along with Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs, as well as the
Skyrim Unofficial Patch, which can be downloaded here on the Skyrim Nexus or at
the Steam Workshop.
4: How to Install/Uninstall
To install this mod, either download it manually and open the zip file and go into the Skyrim - Wrath of the Lich King folder, then copy/extract the
contents, the DATA FOLDER, into your Skyrim Folder. When the computer asks if
you want to overwrite it, press YES. Then either enable the mod in the Skyrim
Launcher or the Nexus Mod Manager, then play.
For Nexus Mod Manager, just download via that program via the link in FILES section here on the page, then once downloaded, jsut enable the mod and
5: Mod Contents
The mod adds a large section of Northrend straight from Warcraft, or WoW, and dumps it into the world, or game, of Skyrim. Here is a more detailed
description of what is added.
Worldspace: NORTHREND
Most of Dragonblight and portions of Crystalsong Forest, which are stillincomplete, but adds a 95% finished but still being tweaked Icecrown Glacier,
complete with the defensive walls, towers, Saronite (Azura Crystals for now)
and Icecrown Citadel itself, complete with interior cells and NPCs. Currently,
only the buildings in Icecrown has interior cells, none have been made for
anything outside of Icecrown as of yet.
Open World areas in Northend are:
Dragonblight, which currently or will have Wintergarde Keep and Carrion Fields, still being constructed, as well as a cave, New Hearthglen, Wyrmrest
Temple, the Path of the Titans (Path of the Dwemer in 'Scroll Terms...'), an
Imperial and Stormcloak Camp near Angrathar - The Wrathgate, several dragon
skeletons and maybe an Easter egg or two. Also adds a harbour (will be in the
update) Southeast-East of New Hearthglen and directly south of it as well. Also
the Emerald/Green Dragonshrine and Blue Dragonshrine.
Crystalsong Forest, which is a partially crystallized/enchanted forest with Snow Elf Ruins dotted across the
forest. The Northen part is barred
off by the Irownwall Dam. To the Northeast is a path leading up to whatwill become The Storm Peaks. Go to the left into the Breach to enter...
Icecrown Glacier, the 'home field' of the Undead Scourge, a landscape primarily composed of ice, snow, and frozen tundra. Undead roam the entire
region, and great defense walls bar or delay the progress of any mortals.
Scourge Holme is the first area you will enter, which hosts two classic Ziggurats as well as a Slaughterhouse and a Temple of the Damned. Thelocation has one path leading north and just outside the main glacier, and one
to the West leading to the first defensive wall, Mord'rethar the Death Gate.
Beyond that lies Sindragosa's Fall and the Valley of Lost Hope, which both end upleading to Aldur'thar, the Desolation Gate.
On both platforms attached to the wall are Plague Cauldrons, spewing outplague into the air, decaying it and anything nearby(area of effect damage to
be added) . Going north from Sindragosa's Fall leads to the shoreline near Icecrown.
Just North of Aldur'thar lies the Shadow Vault, and going along theupper glacier to the West leads to a Saronite Mine, and from there going South,
you will pass a tomb (UNUSED) and the Fleshworks, which lie near an avalanche.
From Aldur'thar following the main glacier is The Valley of FallenHeroes, with the Ironwall Rampart overlooking it. Continuing from there leads
to Corp'rethar - The Horror Gate, beyond which lies the Court of Bones which
lead to a Saronite Quarry and Malykriss: The Vile Hold, the Cathedral of
Darkness, and the infamous bastion of the Lich King - Icecrown Citadel. At the
top of the citadel, on a grand, glacial pillar, lies the Frozen Throne.
Interior cells added are:
The Frozen Halls, the primary halls of Icecrown Citadel, which containsthe frozen spire, the Oratory of the Damned, the Plagueworks and Frostwing
Halls of Reflection, connected by portal in the Frostwing Halls until further notice. It ends with a balchony on the side of a mountain, autoload
door is in the ice caves.
The Forge of Souls, which can be accessed from the quarry beneathMalykriss - The Vile hold, next to the Citadel, heavily based on its
counterpart in World of Warcraft.
Aldur'thar and Mord'rethar Towers, both with their own interior cells.
The Shadow Vault, which is a way down into a cave system. MAY BE CHANGEDIN THE FUTURE.
The Cathedral of Darkness, which lies behind Corp'rethar and next to theCitadel, heavily based on its counterpart in World of Warcraft.
Frostmourne Cavern, the name says it all. The cave entrance can be foundin North - Northeastern Dragonblight near a ruined camp.
Krosisro Praan, or Sorrows Rest in Dov, a crypt still being designedthat lies near the partially devastated town of Wintergarde, or Carrion Fields, under siege by the Scourge. NPCs and Navmesh to be added to both areas.
Shadow Vault Depths, which is a spiraling set of tunnels deep beneaththe glacier, with some makeshift Dwemer ruins. NPCs to be added.
NPCs added are entirely undead, skeletons with varying nord armour andweaponry, draugr, necromancers, banshees and frost giants, as well as a few
skeletal giants.
The bosses are:
Lord Marrowgar - found at the base of the spire inside the Citadel.
The Devourer of Souls - found in the last room in the Forge of Souls.
Sindragosa - currently found near or at Sindragosa's Fall.
The LICH KING - found at the Frozen Throne.
WARNING: ALL BOSSES WILL BE SLIGHTLY OR EXTREMELY OP! Depends on your difficulty and any mods that alter the vanilla diff or AI, which will make them ... well... worse than DARK SOULS bosses. SO MUCH WORSE. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.
Items added: Death Knight Armour set, original armor made by Telthalion,Witchplate. Not to be confused with Witchplate MKII!
Lich King Bigger and Badder Armour Set and Frostmourne, originally madeby jojjo, a former Skyrim modder (I think he quit), armor remade and uploaded
by LuciferX10.
Frostmourne has an extremely high damage and critical damage, but itsspeed has been appropriately reduced, making it work like a two-handed sword in
terms of attack speed. Has soul trap enhancement, going to turn it into a
permanent soultrap and frost damage along with health, stamina and life absorb
to make it truly 'legendary'.
Crimson Necromancer robes, complete with a deer skull - made by  lagrie   but he seems to have taken the mod down, so Ican still share it around.
Music Added: Icecrown, Icecrown Citadel, Assault on Avalon (3 differenttracks), Forge of Souls, Halls of Reflection, Duskwood, Crimson Halls, Lurking,
Angrathar - all recorded/copied from YouTube or WoW itself - thanks to Blizzard
not minding using their music, BTW!
Also trying to make the game play WOTLK Main Theme at the main menu -someone help me with this?
6: Incompatibilities and Bugs
There are a few lag issues when playing with this mod active but beingin Tamriel due to me originally having the Citadel in the far Northeast - as a
result, a lot of objects, navmeshes and more from the vanilla game are missing
from there, which is bugging stuff out. To be fixed shortly after the update.
Once fixed, there shouldn't be much incompatibilities left. If you already have
items from mods that this mod also adds, you'll simply have duplicates, but
that will probably just add some confusion or annoyance, or just an eyebrow
raiser and little else.

This bug has come and gone at random intervals all on its own, mostly affecting armour used by the Imperial Legion and any NPC using Imperial armour. I personally use the mod PERFECT LEGIONNAIRE, 6.0 in my case, that replaces every single Imperial-themed outfit. I also use many more armour mods for the Stormcloaks and a few random mods to improve immersion.
This also seems to be an issue with THE LICH KING, rendering his armour just as blueish, so download BIGGER AND BADDER LICH KING mod to fix this, the relevant files will automatically be accessed by this mod - not my intent, but it somehow works.

ADVISORY: Please send/upload pictures into the images section and label the armour that is texture-less so I can locate it myself and any mods I use, so I can post which mods I use so you can download them yourselves to fix this issue - hopefully.
7: To be Added
Grizzly Hills
The Storm Peaks
Sholazar Basin
Onslaught Harbour
Quests and voice over
And much much more.
8: Currently Working On
Primarily: Fine-tuning Icecrown Glacier and its navmeshes.
Dragonblight, trying to finish this blasted graveyard, rudimentary navmesh will be placed on the more visible paths and roads if I am lucky. Same for Crystalsong Forest.
NEW ADDITION: I am currently also constructing rudimentary layout and cliffs for THE STORM PEAKS, nothing too detailed though, and I inted to add equally simple addons where Sholazar Basin will be. Navmeshes however for Dragonblight and Crystalsong will remain lacking, so as stated before, avoid bringing companions to Northrend or risk losing them.

Also, I have started to quite literally RE-CLOG the glacier with undead, so be really careful - and I actually recommend using God-mode if you are low-level or just unsure if you can handle it... trust me. IT WILL BE A LOT OF UNDEAD.

ADDING: Sholazar Basin basic terrain and structuring. This way, even if most of Northrend is half-assed finished, it will be a LOT easier to make measurements for buildings in the future. Added all 5 Titan (DWEMER) pillars, including the Lifeblood one. Will post pics once the massive mountain walls are sufficently complete.
Also added more undead, AGAIN. WARNING: Don't be lowlevel and have godmode OFF at the same time, YOU. WILL. FLAKING. DIE. A LOT! So my suggestion pre-update? IMPROVE YOUR CHARS!... "YOUR KING COMMANDS IT."

I am adding Naxxramas as its own Stand-alone mod for people to raid in at their leisure, so I can work on this mod with less time constraints.
9: Things I Need Help With
I still need help to try and set specific weather/sky effects at least forIcecrown, to literally lock it to night sky with starfall/northen lights in the
sky, and to make lightning flail around in the clouds, as well as give Icecrown
only a blue-ish overall fog/atmosphere, and to increase the max view distance in
the Northrend Worldspace, at least so the terrain and mountains and most of the
ice objects can be seen at greater distance. I've read about how to do it and...
I just get confused. So once updated, if someone knows how to do this for me, please
tell me.
I also need to give Frostmourne several permanent enchantments all at once,to make it as legendary and delusionally OP as it deserves to be. I wont make the
Lich King version as OP if I get this to work or someone helps me with it, that
would make the fight with him night unwinnable.
I also need to design a script that will apply to the bosses which I KNOW what I want it to do - to outright ignore or cut the effects of GODMODE's damage
immunity by half - which means, you'll just take HALF of the full damage of any
attacks made by the bosses.
Also, the majority of Apocrypha objects in Icecrown that make up the structures- barring making completely custom objects for them, I could use a STEEL/blue-ish
STEEl retexture of them, or standalone objects, as well as combined objects into
one big object, which will reduce performance hits and lagging/FPS drops, since
I use MADDENING amounts of objects for the Citadel and the structures across the
The reason I can't make all of this on my own is I don't comprehend the partsof modding, or the Creation Kit, to do it, same with making quests and dialogue,
but I can describe in exsessvie detail WHAT I want to do and mostly how to trigger
it, I just don't know how to make it work here. I am primarily a builder and soon
3D designer/retesturer, as I am working on that on the side as well.
10: Contact Information
I can be reached on Steam and Skype: DanRage47. Wether I am online ornot may be an issue with Steam, but adding me or not, you can freely post messages
to me on Skype, as well as message me here on Nexusmods, CryptoSporidium.
Email adress is primarily for more urgent matters or collaboration, soplease to not abuse it in any way.
email: [email protected]
secondary email: [email protected]
11: Credits
Credits to Telthalion for the Witchplate armor mod, LuciferX10 for Bigger and Badder Lich King mod as well as jojjo for creating it first in
Oblivion and then converting it for Skyrim. lagrie for Crimson Necromancer.
Blizzard Entertainment for creating Warcraft, WoW, their characters,lore, music and much more
Bethesda for Skyrim and many more games!
12: Permissions
I still uphold my fairly free permission rights here, so if people want to download the mod and change it themselves to experiment around, add their
own stuff - primarily for themselves, not necessarily to re upload the mod - you
have permission to do so. Same goes for bug testing or working out kinks and
helping me make other things work.
That's about all for now. DanRage47/Crypto signing off!
PS: If this new mod description is still confusing, please tell me and I'll rewrite it again.

NOTE: I intend to make this mod require nexus-only mod files to console-proof it if it is possible.