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I believe everytime we have to pause the game it breaks immersion to some degree. Thus, if we can select spells quickly by voice, ready a weapon, jump, sneak, etc without pausing, the experience will be more realistic and exciting. And mages commonly speak a spell as they cast it.

The following is presented as a template to make it easier for others to add voice commands to their game. To that end the documentation in the download details how to change the assigned spell to any spell you want (and already own).

Please check out the video for a demo.

You will need:
1) A microphone.
2) VAC program from . Free for 30 days, $18 to register.
3) Extra Spell Hotkeys by Eldiran link:
The same author makes the Dragonshout hotkeys, but they do not use the same key assigments. No conflicts to worry about. The spells use the unassigned function keys.
4) Optional, but recommended (requires easy merging steps covered in documentation):
ThuuMic-REal Life Dragon Shouts by Deadly Azuril and Benjamin Swinbanks
link: .
5) The spell profile file included in the download. The 7 spells included can be changed to any spell you like by manually editing the relevant ini file.

1) Install microphone, make sure it is set to default device in control panel.
2) Install VAC program, remember it should be installed with admin rights, so save the file to the desktop and right click on it, then select "Run as administrator"
3) Copy following files to Skyrim folder, NOT the data folder:
a) "Skyrim One-Key Dual Cast.ahk"
b) "Spells.xml"
4) Install Extra Spell Hotkeys. Open spellHotkeys.ini (will be in Skyrim folder), and change the section with:




The programmed spells are:

spell 1 = flames
spell 2 = oakflesh
Spell 3 = Bound Sword
Spell 4 = Candlelight
Spell 6 = Healing
Spell 7 = Firebolt
Spell 8 = Frostbite

The numbers match the function keys. Some function keys alrady have a game function, such as f5 to quick save.

4) Extract the files downloaded here to a folder. Run "VAC Builder" from the VAC tray icon or from "Start/All Programs/Voice Activated Commands". Then:
a) Go to "File" menu
b) Go down to "import" and select "VAC Profile (xl)".
c) Navigate to the folder you extracted the files to, and choose "spells.xml"
d) If you care to merge it with the Thuumic mod (I recommend it), please see documentation in the download.
e) Before Starting Skyrim, run "VAC System" under Voice Activated Commands menu.
f) Right click on the VAC tray icon and select the profile "Spells" from the Load Profile menu.
g) Right click on the VAC icon and delect VAC on.
h) Double click on the "Skyrim One-Key Dual Cast.ahk" file in the Skyrim folder. A green icon will appear in the icon tray, with an "S" or "H" in the center.
I) Start the game and enjoy.

IMPORTANT: when exiting game, turn off the VAC and autohotkey system. To do so, right click on the VAC icon and select VAC off. Then, right click on the green icon with a "H" in the middle and
select "suspend hotkeys". When ready to play again, revese this. If you do not do this your keyboard will act funky.

List of Supported Voice Commands:

a) Ready
b) Mouse Left
c) Mouse Right
d) Mouse left and Right
e) Run fast (presses left ALT)
f) Sneak
g) Run (presses left SHIFT)
h) Flames
I) Oakflesh
J) Bound Sword
K) Candlelight
L) Clairvoyance
M) Conjure Familiar
N) Firebolt
O) Frostbite
P) Z (presses the letter "Z")
Q) Sparks
R) Healing
S) Weapon
T) Longcast (holds down mouse button for 5 seconds)
U) Cast (holds down mouse button for one second)
V) Jump

Future work:
Add voice commands for shiel selection