Busty Barmaids of Skyrim by mudkipmudd
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Added: 21/04/2013 - 02:42AM
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A simple set of my custom busty Bodyslide-made meshes for the vanilla barmaid and tavern wench outfits.

The lowest weight has a very small bust size, so that not every character wearing these outfits will have a large bust. Generally, whatever characters wearing these outfits were meant to be more attractive by Bethesda will have a higher weight. This allows for a wider range of size between characters. Hopefully you wont see old ladies in your game with a crazy bust. Fortunately, I haven't ran into any x)


These are made with the CBBE body in mind but should (may be texture issues) also be compatible with any other body/texture set you use, such as UNP, UNPB, or ADEC. They are also compatible with any clothing texture replacers you may have.

To use the BBP meshes, you need a compatible skeleton or it will likely crash. I think.

About the 1.9 update and UNP: I think I may have fixed the texture issue where the nip slips when using a UNP body texture, though I'm not sure, I don't use UNP. If anyone can confirm that'd be great!


Thanks to Caliente for Calientes Female Body Mod Big Bottom Edition -CBBE-
Thanks to ChronoTrigger77 for Bodyslide CB Plus Plus - Extra Sliders for CBBE and Outfits


- TBBP Compatibility
- Other outfits using similar Bodyslide presets