Facial Piercings by Regn
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Added: 20/04/2013 - 07:51PM
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Last updated at 15:11, 16 Jul 2014 Uploaded at 19:51, 20 Apr 2013

I am no longer supporting any of my mods. If you have questions please see the comment thread for possible solutions.





This mod adds twelve sets of piercings to your game. One of them is a joint set containing all of them.
Three of them are combinations of the different sets. The sets are

Ear Plugs
Nose Bridge
Double Nose Bridge
Snake Bites

Update 21/4: Added an optional BSA archive, along with four new sets;

Double Snake Bites
Ring Snake Bites
Spider Bites
Spike Eyebrow

Update 24/4: Added six more sets;

Nose Bridge Spike
Septum Spike
Lip Spike
Vertical Labret
Neck Corset
Forehead Corset

Update 26/4: Added an optional plugin that makes piercings craftable.

This mod is Humans and Humanoids only, meaning Dark Elf, Wood Elf, High Elf, Orc, Nord, Imperial,
Breton and Redguard. All the piercings have a static position on the face and depending on the morphs
you've picked for your character, may be way too far into the nose or obscured by the lips or just
not visible. I tried positioning them well enough so that they fit most human male and female presets.
They'll probably look extremely out of place on elves, especially the Industrial and Ear Plug, and I can't
really be bothered to make new version for elven and beast races since most of my current characters
are human. But feel free to do so yourself and upload it to the nexus with a link back to the original.



Either through NMM or manually, unpack the archive into your skyrim directory, activate the plugin in the launcher.
You'll find them all in a dwarven jewelry box in either the Arch-Mage's Quarters in the College of Winterhold,
next to a pair of ugly boots on a dresser, or in QASmoke on a table. All of the files take up body slot 44
and won't be replacing any vanilla helmets or circlets or other headwear your character has equipped, it may
possibly replace items from other mods though.



To avoid this conflicting with other mods I had installed that add cloaks and amulets and scarves
and etc etc, I didn't want it to take up more than one body slot. Meaning you can't have more than one
set of piercings equipped at a time, aside from the combos of course. If you're settling for those
three combos and you don't want to combine anything else, that's great. If you do, you need to
install nifskope because I think it's unnecessary for me to make 100 combos trying to guess how
people want them when you could just make them yourself with complete freedom and control
over the outcome.

You'll find instructions here.

I.e. I won't be making more combos, so please don't request any in the comments.

Note: I named the mod Facial Piercings for a reason, please don't request any bellybutton or genital or etc etc piercings.


Special Thanks

- DaMiriam for her beta-testing and image contributions and suggestions, be sure to check out her flickr archive.