Shadows of Dragonstar by Tom Busby
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*UPDATE 8/9/13*

Install Instructions:

If updating:
Copy the new Dragonstar.esp over the old one. Open Skyrim, load, save, Exit, Open Skyrim, Play!

If installing for the first time:
Download Version 1.0, then the update. Install version 1.0 first. Copy the Update Dragonstar.esp over the 1.0 one. Open Skyrim, load, save, Exit, Open Skyrim, Play!

*Fixed the "You Smell" bug for good.
*Fixed too much Gold bug.
*Fixed some quest errors.
*The Main Story Quest now completes after you beat the final boss.
*Female Voice types fixed.
*Added Abandoned Campsite in forest
*Added Raider Roadblocks along the road.
*Added a Thalmor Roadblock in the forest.
*Added Dwemer Ruins with a Dungeon.
*Added Temple of the Unset.

Thanks everyone!

A cool video of Dragonstar 1.0 by Brodual:

Skyrim Mod Informer Weekly #8

A nice looking blog:

My website:

Warm up and head west to North Hammerfell.

Stop an evil Shadow Mage from destroying the world.

Run from Elephants.

This mod is basically a homemade expansion for the North Hammerfell region. The entire story should take about 8 hours to complete. This is a new land and will not affect Skyrim’s worldspace. This mod is loosely based on the old shadowkey travels game. This mod’s worldspace is roughly 1/3 that of Skyrim.

Fight Forest Trolls, Manticores, Elephants, Redguard Bandits, Ghosts, Shadow Mages and more.

Discover two towns, a large city, several dungeons, the shadow realm, and more.

Ride Elephants, Giant Skeevers, Spiders, and Horses.

Only for experienced characters. This mod will get difficult.

Installation instructions:
1. Unzip Main file first and then update to SkyrimData directory
2. Run Skyrim, load your save file
3. Save again, exit to desktop
4. Re-Run Skyrim again
5. Start in the basement, at Vlindrel Hall in Markarth, the player home
6. Enjoy

Bugs & Stuff

1. Sometimes the NPC will say they are giving you gold. They are not, instead look for a nearby treasure chest.

2. Some of the voice acting is poor, and you may need to increase the volume of speech.