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AG Shiny Brotherhood Skins - Modified Texture Sets for the Dark Brotherhood Armor
Here's something just for all of you shiny fans.

I've taken the textures for the standard Dark Brotherhood armor and made everything greyscale. Then, I cut out all of the metal details (rivets and buckles) and made the black fabric even darker. A quick and dirty modification to the M layers and..presto! Slick, pitch black armor that reflects the world surrounding it. I've included two black versions, one gives the metal details more of a dull steel look while the other gives it a slightly brighter chrome or nickel look, depending on the sort of detail that you might like. The change can be so subtle that I couldn't tell which was what when sorting out the screenshots, though indoors the steel version is a bit more dark.

I've also made a red version with bright brass details, and a white version with grey steel details. Because hey, why not.

This isn't the most lore-friendly of edits, so I gave them fancy, semi-plausible names. When the construction kit comes out, I would like to add unique versions of these by their own names to at least give the illusion of fitting into the game, but until then these are simple texture replacers.

In short, if you have a fondness for obnoxiously shiny things, then perhaps these will interest you. Male and Female versions of each set are included!

1 - Extract the 'Normals' folder into your Skyrim/Data folder. These files are universal to all of the recolors and are what will make the armor shiny, including the default armor colors. These are not required if you don't want shiny armor!

2 - Choose which color set that you'd like to use and extract that folder exactly as in step 1. As with the normal maps, if you'd like the original level of gloss found in the default armor, you can always pick a new color to use and keep it looking stealthy and matte.
1.2 Changelog:

Changed mod layout, installation instructions have been updated!

Added 'Firesheen' orange on black color by request.

1.1 Changelog:

Added two missing rivets to the female torso texture and caught a bit more of the edges on a few rivets and buckles. Also caught the top and bottom edge of the scabbard.

Added new color variants: Voidsheen (very, very dark purple over black,) Aquasheen (teal,) Azuresheen (dark blue,) and Violetsheen (dark purple.)