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Skyrim Character Selector - SKCS
Utility for managing multiple character saved games in a Windows PC. Keeps all files for each character in separate folders and loads what is needed when a character is selected from a list.

The character list shows each character name and level as recorded in the latest saved game file. You may assign a picture (from a screen shot) to each character for easier identification, if desired. The picture file will be copied and stored in the character folder.

Manage Mods for Characters
This is a new feature available in version 1.1.0. It does not do anything elaborate and using this features us at your own risk. It is highly recommended that you backup the Skyrim folder that will be found in the User's AppData\Local folder. For example, if your Windows user name is "Bob", this may be located in C:\Users\Bob\AppData\Local, In there will be a Skyrim folder that contains files critical for Skyrim and mods. This feature works by modifying the plugins.txt file.

In order to use this feature, which is disabled by default, go to Configure and check the box for Manage Mods for Characters. Click OK and you will now see a Mods button on the main window. Clicking the Mods button brings up a list of installed Mods and shows which ones are activated. You can toggle any of these as needed, and can also reorder them using the Up and Down keys to move the selected mod in the list. This information is stored for each individual character.

Note that toggling these can cause unpredictable results, just as they can when using the Skyrim Data Files option, Nexus Mod Manager or any other program to manage the mods in this way. Each character will have a copy of the plugins.txt file put in ther character folder when they are next selected. When they are selected to Start Skyrim, this copy is copied to the Skyrim AppData folder and will overwrite the existing file there. So I do stress that a backup be made before using this feature.

Saved Game Archive System
SKCS has a built in archiving system for your saved games for each individual character. This option is turned on in the Configuration Dialog and you must specify the number of saved game files you want to keep active when playing that specific character. The default is 20 saved game files. All other saved game files will then be copied and stored in the Archive folder inside the character's folder. If you ever need an older saved game file, you can just copy it to the saved games folder (after you have used SKCS to select that character, stop Skyrim and do this). Each time you select a different character, or use the Configuration Dialog, the program will parse through all saved games for all characters and copy all but the last 20 (or whatever you have this set to) to the Archive folder.

This feature also has the benefit of making switching from one character to another faster, as the program has to move fewer files to and from the Saved Games folder and the character folders. This option is not turned on by default, but it is recommended as it protects older saved game files and keeps them neatly tucked away in the Archive folder for each character.

You can set the path and executable file for the Game Executable and the Game Saves Folder where your saved games are stored. You can also choose if you want to use the Archiving Feature or the Manage Mods feature, described above.

How It Works
The Skyrim Character Selector (SKCS) will organize your characters into folders in your Skyrim Save Games folder. When a character is selected and the Play Skyrim button is clicked, SKCS determines if there is a current character's files in the save games folder and will move those files into the character's folder. Then SKCS will find the folder for the newly selected character and copy the files in that folder to your save games folder and start Skyrim.

If you wish to speed up the process of switching from one character to another, I recommend you use the Archive System as described above. This is enabled from the Configuration Dialog.

If you select a character on the list and click the Delete button, that character will be deleted. The character folder and all save files, all archived files, and including the picture (if any). Do not delete a character unless you are sure you want to remove them permanently, or backup that character's folder before deleting to be safe.

To assign a picture to your character, take a screen shot of your character, or pick any picture you desire. The picture should be roughly square to avoid stretching or distortion. The size, in pixels, can be anything, as long as the width and height are close to the same.

Selecting will store all character's saved game files in their respective folders and clear the Skyrim Saved Games folder. When you start Skyrim with this option selected, you will have no saved games to load from and can only start a New game. Just before you create your new character, Skyrim creates a saved game for a character named "Prisoner". After you create your character and name them, you should then save your game immediately. When you quit Skyrim and start up SKCS again, it will create a save folder for your new character, and also one for Prisoner. You can use Prisoner to start a new game and skip the Intro cut scene in the wagon.

Optional CFM Menus & Equipment Sets
If you are using the Categorized Favorites Menu, each user can have a different menu file and equipment sets file for each character and SKCS will insure these files are copied properly as well.

Download and unzip the contents to a folder on your computer. Then simply run the executable file "SkyrimCharacterSelector.exe". When you first run the program, click the Configure button to insure that the correct paths are set for running TESV:Skyrim and your saved games folder. This is essential. If you are using SKSE, make sure the correct Game Executable is being run. It will default to TESV.exe. If you are upgrading from a previous version, just copy the SkyrimCharacterSelector.exe file from the zip over the existing file on you local drive.

Bugs or Feature Requests
If you find a problem, let me know. Also, I welcome any feature requests the community may have. Just leave a comment and I will see what I can do. I hope you enjoy using the Skyrim Character Selector.

Copyright & Permissions
Skyrim Character Selector is Copyright (c) 2013 by Rhema Concepts. All rights are reserved. SKCS is offered free of charge to the Skyrim player community for personal use. You are not allowed to modify and/or distribute this program in any way, shape or form. Period. Please honor my copyrights to this program and do not upload anywhere else. Thank you.