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This is a simple .esp that extends the friendly animal perk Voice of the Sky, gained by activating all the shrines on the 7000 steps.
I see animals in Skyrim more as an annoyance at higher levels and often feel bad because of it as Bethesda HAD to use those yelping noises...
It is also useful for getting screenshots of animals as they'll no longer run away for dear life.

Climb the steps and get it the vanilla way OR open your console and enter player.addspell 0010A2DA

Using the console command above will give you the spell to activate the perk, which you then cast on yourself.

The perk is base game magic and applies to the fuzzies of Skyrim. Elk, rabbits, and goats, for example, will no longer flee from you. Bears and wolves will ignore you. Even Horkers will just stare at you with those beautiful eyes of theirs.

Trolls, however, are still morons.

Drag and drop the Voice of the Sky - Forever.esp into your Data folder.

Do the opposite of the above.