2084 High Resolution - Fantasy Dragons - No Alduin by UmadBro
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2084 High Resolution - Fantasy Dragons - No Anduin

I got bored of the vanilla dragon colours, I felt that the dragons lacked personality because they all looked the same, similar mucky colours. The textures in this pack are as follow.

Dragon - A jealous green.
Frost Dragon - An utterly chilling blue.
Blood Dragon - A fiendishly gruesome red.
Elder Dragon - A terrifying mythical creature.
Ancient Dragon - An almost volcanic beast.]

Umad vanilla dragons?

Installation is as follows..

Go to your root skyrim folder which is probably located in one of the folders in your steam folder, you can find your steam folder in programs files which you can get to from double clicking your hard drive. See below

Start Menu ----> My Computer -----> Hard drive -----> Program Files -----> Steam ---> ect..

If this is to hard for you, go and look on another texture and you will find another tutorial on how to find it. :)

Basically you extract the folder "Data" from the file Data.rar using winrar. ""

Put the folder "Data" in the same folder that has TESV.exe

Final step.. Play Skyrim. (:

Feel free to use and change them and add photos to this file.

Update... I need to recompile the ancient dragon...

I'm so terribly sorry about that! *British Accent*

The following file names are relevant to the following dragons in case you want to keep certain ones. - Normal Dragon - Ancient Dragon - Elder Dragon - Frost Dragon - Blood Dragon